Saturday, 22 August 2015

Samurai Army 1 Week WIP - 68 Men Painted.

1 Week into this project and I have done 68 men. I have a total of 150 Infantry and 13 Cavalry all together so still a few weeks to go at this rate. So far I have focussed mainly on the Ashigaru as they form the mainstay of the army. 

As a huge group these models look awesome. These are speed painted and as a result some of the work is sloppy and individually they look average. I sacrificed quality for speed on this project. 

The models are from Wargames Factory and I would highly recommend them. They certainly aren't as good as other manufacturers out there as many details are soft however for the price I recommend them for anyone who wants an army for Warhammer or Kings of War. The models are made up of about 9 pieces each making construction difficult at first. 

I ended up doing freehand banners over transfers as I have spent my limit on this project already. For those interested I spent less than 200USD on this project and that got me 100 Ashigaru, 50 Samurai, 12 Cavalry, 1 Daimyo, 3 Buildings and oriental themes buildings plus a wizard and 1 Giant Samurai. Enough to make a 2000 point Kings of War force. 

Anyway here are some pictures:

Monday, 10 August 2015

6mm Lizardmen Worjk in Progress

6mm Lizardmen Work in progress. Still dozens of monsters, hundreds of men and many heros to go! While painting is a breeze basing is a little on the delicate side. No idea how I am going to base these yet, I am thinking of just doing a dirt base but I am open to anything right now. 

The tricky part is building up the base to cover the metal stands that the models are moulded on. Had to use a toothpick. Plenty of work to go! Let me know what you think:

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Kings of War Samurai - The Beginning

Played a few games of Kings of War and had a very enjoyable time playing them. While waiting for my 6mm Lizardmen to have their bases sorted I decided to get my 28mm stuff started. I have over 150 Samurai and Ashigaru plus more on the way ready for my Samurai themed armies. At the moment I only have 2 cannon ready. The models are more than likely to arrive next week. 

Anyway with Kings of War there is no model removal, instead focusing on how the unit behaves and fights as a group. I find it much more realistic over having to remove your models over time and it feels like a simplified historical game with Fantasy elements thrown in. So I went with Samurai for Kingdom of Man and I have high hopes to take them to the tournament for Kings of War later this year. 

Anyway some photos and stuff of my work so far: