Saturday, 8 August 2015

Kings of War Samurai - The Beginning

Played a few games of Kings of War and had a very enjoyable time playing them. While waiting for my 6mm Lizardmen to have their bases sorted I decided to get my 28mm stuff started. I have over 150 Samurai and Ashigaru plus more on the way ready for my Samurai themed armies. At the moment I only have 2 cannon ready. The models are more than likely to arrive next week. 

Anyway with Kings of War there is no model removal, instead focusing on how the unit behaves and fights as a group. I find it much more realistic over having to remove your models over time and it feels like a simplified historical game with Fantasy elements thrown in. So I went with Samurai for Kingdom of Man and I have high hopes to take them to the tournament for Kings of War later this year. 

Anyway some photos and stuff of my work so far: 


I went for a dry arid theme and had to balance between keeping it natural and practical for all the models that will be placed on them. So unfortunately they look flatter than originally planned. It took me about 2 and a half hours to get all this complete and I personally find this sort of thing the best part about modeling. 

To come are a lot of Wargames Factory Samurai (went for cheap over quality for this army) and have some interesting models for the Daimyo and Wizard. Oh and I can't forget the centerpiece model... a 54mm Samurai who will be a the Giant fighting alongside this force. The model is made by a man from Weta Workshop so I have high hopes for this model. 

Anyway, what do you think? Tips or Advice? 

6mm Lizardmen basing for Kings of War to come soon for anyone interested in playing 6mm Fantasy.


  1. Well damn brother, you definitely are goin big instead of goin home!
    I also am starting up my KoW KoM army, but instead of a giant, I went with 6 ogre warriors to act as shock troops. My bases (when I do em) are gonna be more green with cherry blossoms on the ground then you, may even try for a cherry tree with my cannon when I get em

    1. Thanks mate. Speaking of Ogres and Samurai I found this:

      Saw some other amazing stuff but most of it was heavily converted. I was so tempted to do a cherry tree theme too but I ended up with this one. Email me if you are interested in cheap blossom/cherry/peach trees though.