Friday, 3 July 2015

Type 95 Ha-Go Tank Diorama

Hey guys. Been a long time since I updated but I have finally got something worth putting up and that is my first attempt at a Diorama. I have had a lot of fun painting this bad boy up and I still have a lot of work to do! To come are Japanese Cavalry and the Tank Crew. Anyway here are some pictures:

This tank is the mighty Type 95 Ha-Go tank. Being my favourite tank I thought it would be fitting to use it as my starting point. This 1:35 scale tank is an AMAZING kit from dragon miniatures. It has plenty of transfers, etched brass and the best detailed plastic body I have ever seen. Each rivet is accounted for (to my knowledge) and the kit has the options for all hatches to be open.

The tracks went together incredibly well and if they look a little funny it is because of my inexperience. The Transfers unfortunately are NOT historically accurate for the conflict in China as I did not have the right kit... but how many people are gonna notice that eh?

I am personally proud of my weathering on the tanks. This is the first weathering I have ever tried and it was simply a mix of PVA, dirt and grass. I also did the transfers properly with varnishes and so on. 

Next diorama I do I will have to paint before assembly because I ran into difficulty with this guy assembling first. 

The Terrain is simply put on a photo frame which works perfectly. The model store was awesome at giving me these tips like this one. I built it up using plaster that is usually used on houses. Polystyrene hills obviously as well. The tree is simply a twig I stole from outside and the grass was built up layer after layer to get it looking a bit more wild (one layer was very thin for the scale). If the camera picked it up I also littered the field with leaves as well. 

I am working on the Cavalry and the Tank crew is yet to arrive but so far I am very proud of this tank. 

If anyone has any advice or tips for me please let me know!

On another note I think this blog is going to change direction a bit from the usual stuff as I move more in to historical kits and games. I have always liked history the most and now I have the space and the ability (I think :P) to do the historical stuff I have been wanting to do for years. 

I will update you guys next time with my progress. 

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