Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Lizardmen Have Arrived!

FInally my Lizard Horde has arrived! I took some photos for Scale and to sort of show off the Quality on these figures. I DID NOT feel like setting out all 350 or so of the normal guys but all the special stuff is photographed in their actual numbers. 

Before we get to the pictures these I just wanted to say I am stunned at the level of detail present in these figures. They all have faces, their weapons have straps and texture and the list goes on. My camera cannot catch such detail on bare metal however when they are painted I hope I can really show off the detail. If in doubt check out the Micro World Fantasy Range for some lovely painted examples! The flying creatures are not from Micro World but from Magister Militum who sell A LOT of awesome models from many ranges and scales. I personally will be using these guys a lot inn the future. I simply used spare Howdahs on these birds.

These have had minimal work on them, so any flash or gaps are simply because I have yet to properly start on these. I am waiting on the bases to arrive before I can properly form them into units (after I painted them of course).

This army is huge. For Fantasy or Kings of War or any ruleset this can make a very large force. With 350 ish infantry (includes command and heroes), 16 large Ogre Lizards, 20 Cavalry, 6 Ankylosaurus, 4 Allosaurus, 1 Brachiosaurus, 4 Triceratops and then the 6 Quetzalcoatlus to add to this. 

I used my beloved Lizard Warly and a Harlequin Jetbike for Scale (all I had nearby). 

I have high hopes for this legion of soldiers. I so far have one confirmed opponent who will have a woodland army of the forest which will feature many awesome creatures and wood elves. If you are considering getting into fantasy I highly recommend 6mm or 10mm scale models. Easy to paint and cheap to use. Will update when I have painted some! 

Note: Captions aren't working so as I paint them I will describe each unit etc. 



  1. This looks brilliant! And is such a perfect fit for the way Kings of War works. I have just been browsing on the MicroWorld site. Wow! Really liking the look of a bunch of the races. So much character at such a small scale.

    Once I sell off some of these other projects as I prepare to move I could definitely see buying a couple armies of these.

    Since you don't remove individual models I could just have everything permanently ranked up and magnetized for travel.

    Very exciting.

    1. Yes and after playing a game I realized I have so many units I will likely have double what I truly need so I can have some extravagant bases (once they arrive).

      The detail on these guys are amazing. I keep admiring them as I paint. But the permanent basing is gonna be the best part at this scale.

      I personally am very keen on getting a Wood Elf army or even Beastmen off that site. There is little of that range I truly dislike.

      If you need help with base sizes or anything let me know and I will let you know what I got. I will post how the base sizes look when I get them based hopefully soon.

    2. Definitely keeping an eye on what you go with for basing them. The ability to pick up quite a few forces for variety and showing people the game without breaking the bank is very appealing too.

    3. Awesome mate, as soon as the basing comes I will base one of each unit painted and let you know!

      I agree, heaps of benefits. Plus it takes nearly no time at all to paint it up.