Tuesday, 7 July 2015

6mm Fantasy Lizardmen

After playing with historical games more and more I am finding out a lot of various rules and styles I enjoy. One of those things is mass battles with no individual model removing. With Age of Sigmar emerging from the pits of GW all this talk of the Kings of War ruleset has got me interested in fantasy. 

Originally I was just going to get a historical army and use them with the KoW rules. However I simply fell in love with these Lizards: 

These little guys stand at a whopping 6mm tall! That is very small indeed. Also note these photos are taken directly from the website. I don't think these photos do justice to what a 350 model strong 6mm army can look like on the table. 

For 6mm Fantasy and Sci Fi like the above see here at Micro World Games. 

For 90USD I ended up with 350+ models ready to base for the Kings of War game. Mantic as we speak are making rules for the Lizardmen so with a little adaption I can get these quickly ready for some awesome action. 

For those looking towards a Fantasy game I advise you check out Mantic games Kings of War. Because the game is based on whole units rather than individual models as long as you have the same footprint as your enemy in terms of basing requirements then you can play the game at any scale. With free rules there is little harm in giving it a go!

Anyway I will update the blog with a review of these fantastic reptiles when they arrive in about a weeks time. 

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