Friday, 24 April 2015

Huge Harlequin Army - I now hate Diamonds...

I got a lot painted while on holiday the last few weeks since the weather wasn't the greatest which gave me plenty of time! 

All thats left to paint is the Wraith Knight, 13 Harlequins and 1 Shadowseer. Once my Spray Paint arrives I will get these done ASAP. I kept a coherent theme throughout what I have painted and will continue to do so. 

The wraith knight has been Harlequinized, but I think I will put some Masks here and there to help it out. 

 Anyways, more pics:

 Farseer on bike


  1. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?! Coherency? That is the talk of a madman sir!
    Then again, I am ALOT more eccentric then you my friend so its expectable... for now

    1. it does remind me that my lads need more stuff, like lime green boots and purple webbing... hmmmmmm
      JK, i will have some pics of the new lads next to my old lads later in the week... possibly

    2. Yea man get some pics up! You promised me some a while ago haha.

    3. Maybe I did promise you that, but you have no proof of it at all

  2. Damn that is all very pretty. Do you have a list in mind that you intend to use all of this for?

    1. The list is very simple. Using the old eldar codex, equipping all my harlies with caress and taking all the eldar is not far from 2,000 points (with some excessive upgrades here and there). My comfortable spot is in the 1850 mark. When the new Eldar codex comes out I will do a proper standard list.

      The problem is not having enough characters for the formation I am after, I have to have a sit down and tweak it all to fit. In short, no I dont have a standard list in mind yet.

      Thanks for the compliments mate.