Monday, 9 March 2015

Harlequin Progress... Lots of Diamonds


I have been trying very hard to improve my painting lately and have gone from spray painting my vehicles their base colour and then doing minor details to what you see below. 

Pictured is 1 Fire Prism, 4 Skyweavers (riders are up next), 2 Harlequins (the one with the mohawk is being finished currently) and 1 Solitaire. To come is 3 Harlequin Transports, 1 Harlequin Heavy Support vehicle, 1 Death jester, 1 Shadowseer, 1 Crimson Hunter and 6 Harlequin Jetbikes! The rest of the Troupes have yet to be assembled but im working on them. 

What do you guys think so far? 
Should I base the jetbikes and Fire Prism or leave em clear?
Any Suggestions?

I shortened the Fire Prism Crystal Cannon to look more like the old one, I also used Tamiya Clear, varnish and Green Wash on the canopies which will be standard on all vehicles. The Diamonds and patterns are not the same on every model not entirely due to incompetance but to keep things interesting as I paint. 

A lot of work to go! But im very proud of them so far. 

Check out Florida Miniature Painting, it was his paintjob that inspired me to do my own force and he gave a few tips that made this possible. 

Cheers and Enjoy!


  1. Very pretty, keep up the nice work dude.

  2. Wow! Very impressive.I haven;t seen anyone stick to one color combo of diamonds before the way you have on the vehicles here. Very striking all together. I still haven't nailed down what I'm going to do.

    I actually really liked the look of the Harlis when someone leaked them in black and white. I might do mine all monochromatic with just a single feature in a vibrant color. Kinda Sin City styled.

    Keep up the great work man. Can't wait to see em in action.

    1. My original plan was to be a mirage of colours, but it simply wasnt working out. Sticking to this scheme made my job a lot easier!

      Yea when I first do the diamond pattern it looks cool in black and white, but I dont have the skill to touch up mistakes with white as a colour so I never went there. But I think the black and white scheme has huge potential. Since each harlequin has a ribbon thing, that could be the item of colour etc.

      Thanks for the complements mate!

  3. Looks great! Im currently working on a harlequin force myself. I am struggling with the checkered pattern to the point that im close to not even doing trying to do it. Your stuff is so clean and crisp. You have any good tips?

    1. Hey mate, thanks for the kind words.

      I undercoated mine white, then drew on the patten with pencil. I then went over the pattern with black paint. Fill in the pattern with the chosen colours, then (and this is the key) go over the black lines again with black to finish it off.

      I advise starting on a cape first to get the hang of it. Dont give up.

      On my blog roll to the right you will find a blog called Florida Miniature Painting. Go have a look at his tutorial where I got my technique from, he has pictures and so on that are very helpful.

      Cheers man, good luck and dont give up!

    2. Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate you sharing that with me. Never though of using pencil before, but now it seems so obvious. I'll be sure to give it a go. Thanks again!