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Mordheim Campaign Part 1

An odd alliance has formed. The Lizardmen have come to an agreement with a Vampire and a Pirate Captain to combat the Elven and Norse invaders penetrating into the sacred jungles. 

3 games played today. I will give a rough summary of the game and then the aftermath. But first off here is my painting of the Warband so far. The big guy is my Totem Warrior, The Saurus is a brave and the Priest is well a priest. The Saurus is not yet done, but he is being currently sorted out. I have also converted my Skinks to have bows but you can see more of them when they get some paint on them. 

The Game

Pictures at the end. 

Team 1 = Shadow Elves, Wood Elves, Norse Raiders. 

Team 2 = Lizardmen, Pirates, Undead. 

Game 1: Break Through.

Defenders: Team 1.

Team 1 deployed first. Some huge lessons were learned from team one this game. They simply deployed silently. Team two exploited this by deploying all of the undead and Lizardmen on their weakest flank. The pirates took the other flank to engage a shoot out the Norse. Immediately the defenders knew they had lost the battle and decided to try lose it causing as much damage to the attackers as possible and that move was wise. 

A Skink Brave fired the first shot of the game taking a Shadow Warrior out of action. This was to be the most success on the Lizard/Undead front. The Undead slowly walked forward to the enemy board edge while the Saurus, Flesh Golem, Vampire and Ghouls trudges forward under a hail of arrows. The Flesh Golem took many arrows but stood tall. 

The Pirate flank was under fire from Wood Elves and Norse Raiders and started to take hits. His Pivot Gun was knocked out of action quickly. 

On turn 4 attackers won the game, 


A very short and disappointing game. However Team 2 would learn the vital issue of teamwork and use of model placement to determine how the rounds of shooting would play out. Oddly enough, despite the loss, Team 2 would gain from the goods earned that round. 

Game 2: Skirmish.

Objective: Center Building.

This time, things looked to get nasty. Each team had huge numbers of soldiers poised to charge the building in a big melee brawl. However, Team 1 (Lizards etc) had a Salamnder appear. Team 2 had 7 bats, a Killer Frog and a swarm of flies plague their ranks. The killer Frog would hold up the wood elf hero for 1 turn and the swarm of bats held up the ENTIRE SHADOW ELF TEAM for 2 turns. The cold one died at the hands of Pirate and Skink ranged fire quickly. 

While the Shadow Elves had to swat bats out of the sky the Wood Elves had no choice but to storm the building to prevent the Lizard and Undead assault into the building from winning the game. The Wood Elves valiantly took on many undead and pirate men but unfortunately began to fall just before the Shadow elves and Nordic backup arrived. The Nords got eaten by Saurus who managed to hold fast against a furied Saurus warrior and a few Shadow Warriors got into a fight with my Saurus too. One Wood Elf took on 5 Pirates and WON! Full surrounded over the course of 3 or so turns he started knocking them down. Surviving the match. A Shadow Elf took down a Saurus with ease and the Nordic Archers backed by some Wood elves took a few skinks out of action, some zombies and Pirate cross bowmen.

Things turned sour when the undead took out the last of the Wood Elves in the building and the Nords were pushed back just outside the building. The Shadow Warriors casualties had started to mount. All at once the Undead, Shadow Warriors, Wood Elves and Nords had to take rout tests. The Wood Elves Failed and the building was under Team 2 control. Team 1 fled the building and gave us victory saving their surviving warriors. 

During this game Team 1 started to manipulate their model placement to counter our undead shield formations, causing large casualties among Team 2 Skirmishes. Much of Team 2 income was spent on replacing the dead and the money from the previous game went to getting a few more soldiers. team 2 pooled together gold to get Gromril Armour for our Vampire, while Team 2 had great rolls on their charts boosting their henchmen numbers and at the same time pooled their money to get a Tree Spirit Monster. 

At the end of the game we decided the evil batswarm was the key to Team 2 Victory, as the wood elves had to sacrifice themselves to hold the building. 

Game 3: Defend the Building. 

Objective: Defenders start in the building and must hold it from attackers. 

Defenders: Team 1

This time, the defenders filled the building with bodies, all levels of the building filled with deadly archers while the ground floor was guarded by ranks of soldiers ready to charge out. Team 2 had all the Lizardmen and Undead ready to spear head the assault while the Pirates took a flank and readied their guns. 

The Skinks hailed the enemy roof top with deadly poisoned rounds during the game knocking foes over and even taking a few out of action outright. Some however fell from the upper levels to their dooms below. Due to poor planning Team 2 had its warriors trickle out to meet Team 1s attackers. The Pirates started taking fire and the parrot gun had fallen early. Some Skinks started getting taken out of action and Undead Henchmen suffered badly. Things looked grim at this point. 

The Tree Spirit model slammed into the Vampire, some Ghoul, and a Totem Warrior. There the Spirit held for 2 turns while Saurus intercepted the enemy models trying to back up the Tree Spirit. The turn the tree Spirit fell was the turn the Pirates took out 3 of the defenders with ranged weapons and the skinks took out 2 roof top archers. The Saurus failed to do any harm but blocked the door reducing many of the defenders to bystanders. The pirates closed in and the Wood Elves fled. The norse quickly fled and the shadow elves fled soon after. 

Another win for Team 2, this time we did better in the after game rolls. The Wood Elves lost 3 henchmen permanently along with the tree Spirit. That was a mighty blow to them but the other warbands grew in size. 

Overall + Pictures

So although Team 2 won all their games today, in think Team 1 is in for some huge comebacks. The elves have decided to go all out and equip their superior warriors with many weapons for both melee and combat while the Norse have decided to change up their way of playing as well. 

Team 2 has more warband experience and numbers but overall has lesser quality soldiers and relies on a few good heroes for their killing power. This tactic is good early game but I fear Team 1 will gradually increase their quality while our quantity (especially the Undead) cannot compete. But time will tell. 

Overall its a great game. For example Tepac the Skink Brave has suffered a leg injury (-1 Move) when he was half eaten by a killer plant, he then took an arrow to the arm and has a permanent arm injury (-1 WS). He has become stunted but he is still worth having for now... The Norse player had one of heroes end up in the fighting pits. His heroes managed to fight his way out and even win himself a handsome reward for it. The Undead player is waiting for an enemy hero to die permanently so he can resurrect them into his warband. They gain all the zombie special rules but keep the gear and stats of the enemy hero. 

All in all there is lots to enjoy, from dangerous searches for treasure to brave feats on the battle field. 

I think soldier of the day goes to (I think it was) a Wood Elf Wardancer who was surrounded by Pirates but managed to fight off them off and even take some out of action with him. We all expected him dead but he kept the whole warband bar a few held up alone. 

Anyway, here are pictures: The terrain in my garage isnt suited to mordheim but the terrain at the club is, so expect prettier pictures late next week! Oh and the cluster of apples are killer plants... but nobody went near them after what happened to poor Tepac the Skink :(

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