Saturday, 21 February 2015

Harlequins and Goblins! Hoby Progress

I caved in and decided to start a Harlequin force. With such gorgeous models I couldn't resist! I even managed some freehand Diamonds on them as well (you can see the diamonds on the green one look worse than the red one, but im getting better!) 

This is also the first time I did things such as highlighting, properly watering down my paints and freehand work. These need a bit of work such as the white and tidying up the lines here and there. Anyway what do you think? 

I took lots of photos, but since i'm doing a huge tidy up of my collection there isnt anywhere nice to take photos, hopefully these give you a good idea of what I have done. 

Here are my Moria Goblins, quick production line and simple. I quite like them. Im just finishing the batch of archers who need basing and faces finished. I went away from the traditional look that many do, but I still wanted a grubby look to them. 

More Harlequins to come and more Lord of the rings on my immediate painting list!

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