Monday, 9 February 2015

Halo Table Top Game = Official!

"Spartan Games has entered into a License Agreement with Microsoft Corporation to design and produce tabletop miniatures games for “Halo®”, the global entertainment phenomenon. The first products will be on sale around the world through Spartan Games’ sales and distribution channels in 2015.

The award winning “Halo” franchise was first seen on the Xbox in 2001, but has since transcended video games to build a worldwide fan base of millions and inspired best-selling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more. Now exciting tabletop miniatures games can be added to the list.

Neil Fawcett, Creative Director, Spartan Games said “Our design team are huge fans of ‘Halo’ and this opportunity is the icing on the cake for them. After six years of successfully creating our own games and models, we can now work with Microsoft to bring epic ‘Halo’ spaceship battles to gaming tables around the world. And if that’s not enough, we’re making fast and furious ground combat games as well. Hard to tell what is more exciting: invading Reach with our Covenant Fleet or assaulting ground defences with Spartans and UNSC Marines?”

So Halo has hit the wargaming community today but oddly enough in the form of fleet battles. I dont know too much about Halo but over the course of this year and next we can expect to see ground forces and more ships added to what you see above. 
Its unclear right now but I think its safe to assume it will be similar to Fire Storm Armada in rules. More likely an expansion pack. 

Anyway I thought I would share since Halo has a lot of fans. 

An update:

Hi Folks,

I thought I would answer a few questions on the forum to help us all acclimatise to the exciting news that we will be working with Microsoft to design tabletop games for the phenomenon that is Halo.

So, here goes:

1) The IP for Halo is owned by Microsoft. Spartan Games' role is to work with the Halo team to bring the stunning imagery of the Halo Universe to the tabletop.

2) Spartan Games owns the IP for Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Uncharted Seas and so on. These are game settings we are very proud of and this thrilling new development will not impact our existing plans for any of our games.

3) One of the questions raised, was that of manufacturing capacity. Halo is a game that is being realised in plastics, and we are proud to say that it will be manufactured in the United Kingdom. This external manufacturing process will ensure that our resin and pewter manufacturing will not be adversely affected.

4) As to whether our Halo games and other Spartan products can work together is not an issue. They are distinct gaming products that use their own rule set and mechanics - they are not designed to operate together because they exist in two completely different science fiction genres.

5) We have been working on the Halo project with Microsoft since early 2014 and have been careful to factor in its release schedule to complement the release schedules of our other games. Indeed, look out for many more announcements regarding existing and new products directly from Spartan Games.

Rest assured that we will be working on all of our games over the coming years, and we are hugely excited to be given the opportunity to work with Microsoft as bring such an exciting Universe to the gaming table.

Spartan Neil


  1. I am all over this. Really hoping the first ground based stuff is small scale.

    1. Yea small scale is a lot of fun to paint and play in my opinion. On the ground it seems they can have more factions too.

    2. Yeah. I think I'm more excited for the potential of a small scale mass battle game as I dearly miss Epic.

      Having said that following your experience with their existing games is why I'll definitely be in for their space offering here.

    3. Yea that's what a lot of my friends think too. The possibility of having fleets and ground forces in a campaign is always a cool one too.

      Although I do advise waiting, as sometimes Spartan has some shaky starts when releasing new product lines.

    4. How so? Patience is not one of my virtues :)

    5. Well with Planetfall the rulebook needed a lot of FAQ's. Although now its great it just took about a month to get 100% sorted.

      HOWEVER in saying that considering Spartan is working with Microsoft this may not be an issue.

    6. Have they mentioned whether the rules will be a free download like their other games?

      As I could get by for a while without a physical copy if alterations are needed.

    7. No announcement on that one yet. But im very certain they will be. But yea no certainty there.

    8. I hope so but we don't have the strongest precedent right now. None of their other games had a licensing agreement involved.

    9. Exactly, but the fact that another major company is involved could mean that we get superior quality stuff to ensure their image isnt messed with etc.

    10. A good point for sure. This is a big moment for Spartan. I really hope they do it justice.

    11. I agree, I hope it ends up being similar to Dawn of War. Opening up the wargaming market to Video gamers.