Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reaver Titans, Killer Crustaceans and more

Im finally back after a bit of a break. I have been getting heaps done like restoring a Reaver Titan, painting a few bits and pieces and getting plenty of games in. Im hoping to get in a huge Apocalypse game next month which will feature 6+ titans and a bunch of Cannon Fodder so I have been restoring bits of 40k pieces that have been in storage for a while. 

Planetfall and Firestorm Games have been great in our area, lots of terrain being made along with lots of painting being complete (always nice to see). 

Anyway here are some pics of the last couple of games. Just putting them up until something interesting happens for me to show you all. 


  1. I don't rate the chances of those Moria goblins taking down that gunship... still, plucky little chaps for giving it a go! ;-)

    1. I have 13 Moria Goblins that you can see there. They are the thirteen who held off a heaps of Rohan infantry while the Haradrim took on the Cavalry. The humble Goblins actually won me the game.

      I think they used up their luck in that game being outnumbered and out matched. I doubt they have the luck left to take on that Gunship either haha