Friday, 30 January 2015

Mordheim - The Start of a Campaign

So with the 9th Edition Fantasy Rumors going around along with the ludicrous destruction of the moon along with the Lizard race (well mostly) I decided to go back to a simpler time. That simpler time would be during the era of Mordheim, where my Lizards are bonkers, racist beyond measure and have deep social issues nation wide. So started the beginning of  our Mordheim campaign. 

The Game

First off, there is an amazing link here that will take you to a compilation of EVERYTHING MORDHEIM RELATED. That includes, supplements, town criers, custom rules and scenarios, all the warbands, quick sheets, rules, informative posts and more. So if you have ever felt like trying this game out I suggest starting there. 

Now the fun of a Mordheim game is not the game itself, its the progression. For example last game I lost one of my Saurus of Braves of the Sun Gecko henchmen group. The gold I won that round went to replace him and his gear. Tepec, a Great Crested Skink, famed for his skills with a shortbow, had his leg permanently damaged by a Carnivorous Plant. So he permanently has lost 1 inch of movement. Things like injuries, gear, experience, mercenaries, after match exploration and so on make this game unique and fun in ways other games cannot quite compete. 

The Warband

I have been busy painting and you will see those results after the first game tomorrow, but for now I will introduce my Warband:

Defenders of the Mirror-Pool of Tepoc

Boqcuaq the Skink Priest: Chosen by the great Slann to lead this raiding party was an effort to preemptively eliminate a threat to one of the great shrines, as foreseen by the Slann. Boqcuaq  has had a lot of experience dealing with the hairy apes and with a mixture of tactics and magic he can be found among his Skink Warriors mounting hit and run attacks against the enemy. 

Kroxhui the Great Totem Warrior: Kroxhui is a mighty warrior, unusually large for a Saurus and with a bony hide for protection he is a fearsome opponent. His birthing was blessed by the old ones granting him uncanny luck on the field and the ability to dodge arrows with ease. Like all Saurus however he is dull and thus favors changing forth with his Saurus into the heat of battle.

Teptoc the Great Crested Skink: Chosen as a Guard for the mighty priest and as leaders among the Skink Braves along side his twin brother Tepec. Amazingly skilled in archery these skinks hail death from afar. 

Tepec the Great Crested Skink: Twin of Teptoc, Tepec is exactly the same. Well was until recently he was almost eaten by a carnivorous plant. As a result his movement is now with difficulty. 

Saurus Braves of the Sun Gecko: Armed with Shield and Spear these Saurus Braves make the muscle of the warband. Currently 2 Braves make up this party, although one was lost to the Wood Elves but thankfully replaced. 

Skink Braves of the Blood Pyramid: Armed with Bows these skinks use speed and intelligence to harass the enemies and  ensure the Saurus can do their job unhindered. Recently one was famed to have ricocheted his arrow knocking out 2 Elves. Currently 3 Braves exist in this group. 

Thats the warband so far. Only 9 members so far. They have had great success with archery, but unfortunately their close combat was a disaster last game. 

The Campaign 

The Campaign will be set in Lustria, with the Heroes of the warband searching old ruins, fill of creatures and artifacts worth gold like never seen before. With great dangers come great pay and only those skilled enough will live to see their riches. 

In this campaign we have 6 factions in play (some not confirmed yet):

Wood Elves
Shadow Warriors

We are doing 2 permanent teams of good vs evil (with neutral filling in the gaps) for this campaign so the 2 teams will have to work together and help each other out to come out on top. 

Amazon Warriors, Sinking Sand, Weather, Venomous Creatures, Huge reptiles and ancient traps are all constant dangers in this new world. 

The games begin tomorrow so ill show off what I have painted and have a battle report. I will try include more than just my Lizardmen because each band will be growing and changing their story as the campaign grows. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers. We are all comparing our Warbands stuff at the moment. Some scary stuff on all sides! Definitely will be interesting few games tomorrow.

  2. Do you handicap the Shadow Warriors? I've heard they're extra evil and unfair, but I don't really see how on paper.

    1. Yea they can be, all the elves can be very brutal. I told the elven players to simply not try break the game and all will be good. It also helps that half of the players are new to this so so far all is good.

      If you look at the elf maximum and starting stats, then look at their skills you can make devastating weapons who can do both melee and ranged with ease. But it takes planning to make them evil.

      So far we are all playing casual so no one is OP. If you look at the reports for part one I put up they actually lost all 3 games that day. Mostly due to most of them learning the game.

      I would some it up as "they can be evil". So if you ever want to play shadow elves, go ahead, just use plenty of terrain!