Thursday, 27 February 2014

Flames of War - Tactics of Japan

A good start for those looking at the force:

No pictures yet, but I may add some for those who like to look. 

Unfortunately Flames of War has taken a backseat for me but im hoping to get in a game next week. My Early War Japanese are due for a paint job after my fantasy army is done. So until then I cant yet show you the amazement of a fully done up Flames of War force!

It wasn't so long ago I ended up coming into the flames of war community but I had long been longing to join. As a lover of cavalry and early war armies my choices where limited for a long time and everyone else only played late war. I waited and then one day I looked on the site to find Japanese forces. They where perfect! Cavalry, light fast tanks, rushing infantry and the overall style of warfare was drastically different to that of the more "traditional" army. 

So although I didn't end up with my cavalry I did end up with a sizable infantry force backed up by tanks and arty. Amazingly my backward and ill equipped forces have taken on armies from mid-war and still won. Granted my friends and I are all still learning but the feats my army achieve amaze me all the time. Since when I started out there was little real info on how to use such a flavoured force I thought Id share my experiences so that others looking at the army can see roughly what they are in for. 

I will cover:

Light Artillery
Suicide Teams

I think the above makes a great starting army and so far it works well.  But see more at the end.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Here She Is! Malcador Assembled.

Alright so after getting enough super glue to last the next few months I finally had the means to get my Malcador finished.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Mighty Malcador and More! - War-games Discount

The Armour continues to grow. Now if you haven't noticed by the choices of many models I love history. And the Malcador really reminds me of interwar tanks and ever since I saw them I just had to have one. I also like symmetry in my lists and I couldn't have the Malcador move forward with only 1 tank on its side. I ended up getting another Executioner...

So here is an idea of what you will get if you ever decide to order from Wargames Discount:

Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Imperial Patrol VS The Dice Odyssey - Fantasy Wars

Today I had 2 games of Warhammer fantasy with my new army. Amazingly I had 2 victories! I have to be careful though, for im sure my luck will soon run dry. Ill be covering the 2nd battle which was empire vs empire, and my friend Rex from the Dice Odyssey will cover the first battle. If its not up now it will be very very soon.

The competitive spirit in me makes me wanna tally the battles we have over time. So far its 2/2 for me. (the earlier games wont count due to those being him going easy on me). I know my Company is in for a good kicking soon though. 

So here comes the first battle report on this blog:

So it had to be done in the make shift floor table at home, but its good to get some practice in. So my list was as follows:

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Campaign - The Plan - The battle

This was in the first White Dwarf I read, and wow it inspired me haha. Also im hoping for a situation like this in the campaign. 2 average Joes fighting to the death. Lets hope...
Ok so my friends and I have all been gathering up forces for a while. These forces have been made with an emphasis on casual game play and using imagination and so forth.

So for about 3 months I have been planning to run a Campaign in which our armies will clash on the battlefield. However this isnt your normal style campaign at all. Its quite different in the terms of how your list works and what you can do during the battle.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Future of the Imperial Guard - 2014 Hopes

So the codex is due soon and I for one am excited. The current codex is almost fine for playing currently in my opinion, but there are lots that can be improved, one big thing in particular. What is that you ask? One word: Variety!

Variety? The guard is full of units, options and selections, how is variety a problem? Well hopefully this picture sums it up:

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Warhammer Fantasy - How To Make An Army and Save Money (Empire)

Alright, now I can get on to doing what I set out to do: show some alternate models. Today I will do that by showing you an Empire army I have come had arrive today. So To keep your attention check this out. The costs are below (in NZD)

GW = $941.00 (free shipping.)

Warlord Games/Wargames Factory/DarkSwordMinis = $250.00 (free shipping.)

$691.00 Savings!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Francia Division Rough Riders - Perry Miniatures

I came across some Perry Miniatures and the box that caught my eye was a box of French Dragoons. My first thought was "Rough Riders", but I found out it contained foot men too. When I got home that day someone was selling heaps of dismounted French Dragoons! I instantly purchased them with the intentions of forming a platoon of them. I now have 32 Dismounted dragoons and 13 mounted. The details are below:

Friday, 7 February 2014

Who Likes Imperial Guard Regiment Fluff?


Praetoria, a rural planet, barely noticed among the stars and constantly fights among its neighboring planets. After many decades they began to question their faith as they had no contact with the imperium, but this was soon to all change. A fleet arrived above the planet and started to land, bringing special devices that organised and constructed factories and the beginning structures of Urban landscape cause Praetoria to thrive and grow. The fleet left with the first Praetorian Guard, who went on to earn a name for themselves fighting the Orks at Big Toof River and although they died in defeat this was to be the start of Praetorian prosperity.

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Royal Navy and Tank Brigade of Praetoria

The vehicles so far in my army are on display for today. So I painted these ones up and idea for them is to be basic, I like the idea that they where made then coated in paint and shipped off to fight. Some people like the look but many do not. But the bright side is they didnt take long to paint :P

They are all done except the mound of bodies being dozed by the leman russ, just needs some blood and colour.

Anyways here it is:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Scottish

Well these guys are impressive, Olim (you will find him on dakka) painted these and boy I was impressed. Everything about them is just wow. Yet again these guys came from Victoria Miniatures (soon i'll have something non vic minis here, just give me time :P). Anyways here is the good part, pictures:

Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Penal Squad

So first off thanks for all the views guys, the blog is all set up and ready to go and now im going through my collection bit by bit so its all up here for people to see. So today its my Penal Unit.

This squad was painted by a young adult who goes by ragequitrabbit in Auckland New Zealand. 

So if you live in NZ (like me) and want cheap painted models with fast speedy service email him and work something out. He is currently painting my Mercenary Kroot using the skills he learnt doing my penal legion. So here is his first commission and my Penal squad from Victoria Miniatures: