Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Thank You Readers Again!

I started this blog technically 12 months ago (although post number one is at the very end of January) and so far things have been a lot of fun. So I decided to make a post featuring the milestones of my blog and thanking those who read it.

Blog Stats:

This month the blog has reached 100,000 views!
984 Comments have been published.
31 Spam comments have been posted. With all but two aimed at Squat related posts.
110 Posts have been published on the blog.

The Google+ community, Bloggers, DakkaDakka and Reddit have been awesome communities for me to share my stuff and see what others are up too in the wargaming world. Many ideas have been discussed a lot of inspiration has been made and I have even made some friends.

So here are my top posts this year:

Praetorian Squats with 10,000 views. Most of my Squat posts have been popular and I can see why. While they arent the Squats envisioned by GW they are a unique thing to see on the table. Unfortunately the Praetorian Squat post popular enough to attract a huge amount of spammers. I lost count of how many spam posts came my way for this!

My Latest Imperial Inspiration Post with 5,000 views. Reddit has to be thanked for this one as many of them came to see some inspiration from the 3rd edition Imperial Guard Codex. It actually lead me to do my Current project which will be talked about later.

And the 3rd Post is the Greatest Imperial Guard Project with 4,000 views. This project is about turning the ideas found in the original Imperial guard codex a reality. I am very excited about this project and the parts are being ordered for it as we speak. Expect this to be a frequent topic in the coming months.

Wargaming Overview:

This year was a big year for trying new games. I went from playing 100% 40k to playing:

Warhammer 40k (still) - Lots of Imperial Guard
Firestorm Armada - Aquans + Terquai
Planetfall - Aquans + Terquai
Flames of War - Japanese
Lord of the Rings - Goblins
Warhammer Fantasy - Lizardmen
Bolt Action - Japan and Russia

When I made this blog I started 100% fresh. I sold my massive 40k Imperial guard army that was a huge mess hobby wise, my Sisters of battle army and the Eldar soon after. Starting fresh was the best thing I have done hobby wise. It allowed me to restart and do it properly.

Now with so many games to play some get left out. I have played only 2 games of Bolt Action for example, and none of Lord of the Rings with my army. But they are simply slow progress games for me.

I think this year has been a great set up year. 2015 should be a great year to paint up what I have missed this year and get more games in.

My girlfriend has decided to play Firestorm Armada and her fleet will arrived last night. She attempted to play necrons a while back but unfortunately the game wasnt for her (and for that im glad!) but she likes firestorm so I can expect to be playing more of that.

The biggest project next year will be Greatest Imperial Guard Project which I really hope works out. So if its something you are interested in it would be cool for you to be a part of the process on helping out with parts, colour schemes and so on. I have a mini Dakka Thread Here where ideas will be bounced and updates will be frequent. The milestone updates will be posted here for sure though.

Heaps to look forward to starting tomorrow!

Thank You

So a lot of regular viewers dont actually comment (which is fine) while others comment frequently. So for all your regulars Thank You. If you think any improvements could be added etc then let me know.

A special thanks to Rex over at The Dice Odyssey. He has helped us greatly in keeping the hobby strong in our area and is a big reason why Firestorm and Planetfall has been popular.

So cheers for reading everyone. Enjoy your holiday break!


  1. Good post, keep up the excellent work. For my part i am just happy that i have managed to get a new game into the club that takes people away for GW games.

    Thank you for being a excellent opponent

    1. Cheers dude.

      I look forward to more games!

  2. Congrats on the milestone, and yes everybody loves squats! And as for not being the ones GW envisioned, well the only ones they envisioned are dead! Dam tyranids.

    Always a good read when I come here and I'm really looking forward to seeing the next project. Will be good to see all the regiments on show and hopefully will inspire some new IG armies.

    1. Good point! I might have to tie in the Tyranids to their fluff to be honest...

      Thanks for the kind words. Usually when both the commissioned painter and the customer are excited for a project you can expect some cool results. Hopefully in the next few weeks I have a promising update!

      Thanks again mate.

  3. Wow! Congratulations! I have been blogging for 4 years and over that time my little blog has had half that many views! Keep up the good work my Kiwi friend and Marry Christmas!

    1. Its not the quantity of views... but the quality of the views! While I may have many views I think your blog has a great community which I hope to match in 4 years. Keep up the cool work mate. I enjoy your projects.

      Merry Christmas to you also!

  4. Thank you! I love checking out what you're getting up to.

    I've been able to see some games which aren't played very often around here on your blog and it's inspired me to branch out a bit more and see if I can't get some people on board for some of them.

    1. Cheers mate.

      Good luck trying some new games out dude, if any work out I'll be glad I helped inspire it for sure!

  5. *Raise a pint of ale at 6 in the morning* Here's to you, Mr. Bad-as blogger, with your massively popular, simple to navigate blog, you are by far a power in your own right in the modeling world. And even though you don't credit yourself as much of a painter, your ideas (While not as insane and Out of the Box as my own) are quite amazing. So here's to you Mr.Big-As blogger, keep on blogging.
    And as the old blessing goes: may your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH NEVER comes through your door (except the garage door.)
    Cheers Boyo Homey G-Skillet waffle iron pasta comrade brother across the pond, cheers

    1. Oh, and happy merry x-mas holiday season to all!!! and remember, don't jerk and drive (South Dakota joke look it up)

    2. Its summer here mate, no jerking while driving for us! :P

      I think I have potential as a painter, I just need to unlock that potential haha. Thanks for the ideas and input you have provided this year. Although I feel like my brain possesses the more creative drive :P

    3. You tread on dangerous grounds comrade. I can beat you in the realm of creative ideas. I could if I want make cooler models if I wanted
      That should be a page on hear, the crazy ideas of Howell/McClain

  6. Congrats on the year milestone! And happy holidays!@