Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Prussian + British Squats

Alright, the Squat forces have grown once more! Many have already seen my Praetorian Squats but just the other day the next batch of Squats came in the mail. The Prussian Squats.

These models are so much cooler than the first kickstarter. Im planning on painting them black and gold but I will see how it goes as I paint em. Anyway here are some out of the box pics:

The basic riflemen lead by a mighty Squat and his sword. These guys (bar 2) are all one piece models but hold plenty of detail. Though I suspect many of these will fall in battle, they can at least, like most of my Guard, die in style!

The HMGs are really cool! A nice vickers machine gun look and the chain of rounds just really completes the look. The Squat company has two of these big boys to provide support.

The commander is a big hearty fellow who has no quarrel sending his men to their deaths. Efficient and brutal he gets the job done regardless of cost. 

Pigeon Carrier was a nice addition to the set. Easily one of the cooler models of the batch.Probably will be one of the Vox casters. 

The medic. He carries a few bags and some bandages. Although his legs are little he is renown for his speed when tending to the wounded. 

The detail on this sniper is really cool. His ghillie hood should be a lot of fun to paint. 

Bugle Boy relays the commanders orders across the battle field. I love bugles and other instruments. All my forces have at least one!

The standard. Im gonna have fun making a flag for this guy. The company colours are vital for any flashy army. 

Weiner master. Carrying vital supplies (beer and bread) these little wieners get along well with squats for their stumpy legs keep them at equal speeds. A really cool addition to the force. 

The artillery officers ensure the troops do not pass into pre determined artillery zones. A tough job. 

The Praetorian Squats are veterans of the Guard, having fought demons and Xenos across many battlefields. They adopted the attire of their regiment but still return to fight alongside their brethren from time to time. 

Melee Squats. These guys are armoured, battery powered and eager to smash. May use them as priests or maybe some kind of assault Marine or something. But they are cool non the less. 

Overall these are really cool. Sculpted by Bob Olley they are usual, full of detail and character. The cool thing about ollies kickstarter is all the backers have a say in what gets made. The process is great and the final result always delivers. 

All in all I have 3 squads of Squats and one command squad. Enough to be a substantial platoon on the battlefield. 

Exciting stuff. What do you guys think of these models?


  1. I do like the models, I still think its a shame squats got, well, squated.

    As for the combat squats I would use for priests and commissars.

    1. I agree. At the very least though they can be their own flavour of Guardsmen though.

      Yea I agree, but I may still look around for some cool allies I could unbound them to the army with. They look pretty cool as a unit.

  2. Great looking minis, they look beautiful!

    1. Thanks mate, I too found them beautiful. So I could not resist buying some. Apparently he will be making more of these with a different theme next year so keep an eye out!