Thursday, 11 December 2014

Guard vs Eldar - A Costly Battle!

Had my first 40k game in a while and it was kinda fun. Somewhat frustrating rules for buildings and hard to get used to I go you go turns again. But as usual the game looked lovely. 

Anyway I was up against some eldar at 1K points.

The lists:

My 1k List was simple:

1 command squad
Heavy Flamer
Vox Caster

2 Platoons consisting of

Command platoon
Heavy Flamer
Vox Caster

Platoon Squad X 2

Leman Russ Executioner with plasma sponson

Hell Hound

Vandetta with Heavy Bolter Sponsons, 

The Eldar had

Wave Serpent
Swooping Hawks
Death Spinner tank
Fire Prism
Wave Serpent

I had clear advantage in numbers but he had the clear advantage in vehicles. 

Anyway here is the report:

I deployed along a 12" line and held one command platoon in the Vandetta. Plan was to simply walk forward shooting targets and reaching the objectives. He deployed mostly at the furthest point and prepared to rush me early. 

Turn 1

I got first turn. Only my Leman Russ was in range and he opened up on the Guardians. I killed 5 Guardians and the Wave Serpent (which couldnt junk because it was not the target) and secured my victory in the first shot. He was now stuck trying to lose by the least he could. 

He opened fire with his Death Spinner tank and killed 3 men. His foot sloggers moved forward and his Fire Prism failed to damage me. 

 Turn 2

My Vandetta comes on and achieves nothing! My troops advance and my Hell hound wipes out the majority of the Banshees and all the Guardians. The Leman russ does one Hull Point of damage against the Death Spinner. 

In a shocking shot he one hits my Leman Russ and destroys it. The rest of his fire is ineffective and he failed to bring on his Swooping hawks. His Banshees assault my Hell Hound for 1 Hull point. 

 Turn 3

I get closer to his Death Spinner and Assaulted it to death. The Melta bomb on my Sergeant killed it outright. The Vandetta dropped off a platoon comand squad on the Landing pad. I now own 2 objectives. The hell hound attempts to flame The Banshees to no avail. The Vandetta takes some shots and kills a Banshee. 

He then misses with all his shooting. His banshees fail to harm my Hell hound this round. His Swooping Hawks land at the bastion blowing up most of one squad and gun down another. Blinding the one survivor in the unit. 

 Turn 4

The Vyper falls back only to be assaulted by the same unit that took out his other tank. They succeed and claim a 3rd objective. The vandetta misses and prepares to leave the board. My Hell Hound burns most of the living Hawks and the command squad moves up to the top of the Bastion to hold out against Janzar and the surviving Hawks.

His Fire Prism takes out on member of the command squad in the platform and hawks kill the blinded man from earlier. JanZar slaughters the survivors of the Hawks blast and that was all that could happen.

 Turn 5

I wipe out the Hawks leaving him with Janzar and the Prism takes out all but one member of the Squad who claimed 2 vehicles earlier. Janzar due to weird building rules is locked in the building next the Command Squad leaving it a stalemate of the warlords. 

 Turn 6

The vandetta arrived and FINALLY kills a vehicle. All 3 hits. All 3 penetrations. 

I won the game with 3/4 objectives and all the heavies killed. But it was costly leaving me with little over 20 men and 2 vehicles left. 

This game was meant to be a fluff list game and as a result I wasnt having to fight wraith knights and wave Serpents. Which was a nice change. I still struggled to win that game though. Was a bit of fun. 

Hopefully next year this army will be fully mechanized and ready for some true meat grinder warfare! 


  1. I just have to say that i the amount of complaining the Eldar player did was ironic. I was on the table behind yours and it was pretty funny. For a player who usually crushes his opponents and now finds himself being beaten for once he did a hugely ironic amount of complaining.

    Still nice report with some good photos

    1. B****es gonna B****
      Good game for you Mr Howell, good game, also, those troops man
      At first I thought they looked a little silly, but in actual combat they are down right bad***, so them troops

    2. Yea I tried to not let it effect me.

      Thanks for reading guys!

      I too thought my men looked a bit silly in the photos, but they have grown on me. They look really cool in the environment they belong haha.

    3. Rex,
      not once have I made comments on your victories nor defeats. And what do you know of the games I've played? Who have I crushed? Really You've never played me. And are not likely to now.

      Bitching about me in a public forum, is uncalled for, and not cool, and not clever. Remember, I share a room with you most Thursdays, and bad blood does not make for a pleasant experience.

      Yes I win a bit. I do my research. I pick good units, I know what works best most of the time. I'm not alone in this, as other players at the club do exactly the same. Should I feel guilty about winning? Isn't that the aim of most games, outside of having fun? I've only been playing for about a year. Most of my opponents have played many more games than I.

      My complaining was from the notion that we were supposed to be using our weakest units. In my first turn I lost a Wave Serpent (not by my opponents design) and half a unit of Guardians. And that damage was done by one supposedly weak tank. I do have a tank in my Army that can put out that much firepower with that much armour. Not even my Wraithknight (which i left out of my list because I thought it was too powerful for this game) puts out damage like that. I was beaten in the first turn.

      My Fire Prism can put out one strength 9 shot at distance. Had I lost it early I would not have take out the Lemen Russ at all.

      Then I find out what a vendetta is (I'm not a guard player, I had no idea) but three twin linked las cannons is not underpowered.

      I knew I would be up against it with regards to man power, but i was out gunned as well.

      Having played Jayden before (two close games, I think he will agree, with us both winning one prior to this game) I know that he could have brought weaker units. He has in the past.

      So yes I was mortified by the lost of the WS. I could have packed up right there and then. But I didn't. I played on to the bitter end, even though by the end of turn two I did not have enough models to claim more than one objective. I have played others at the club who have quit early.

      Is that what I should have done?

    4. Ok so i should have said something on the night, and i almost did as i left, however i was tired and wanted to get back home. I dont mind if you comment on my games and chances are you wont find my complaining too much on the day, its something i activity and avoid, i find it annoying in others and so i try to avoid it in my own case, sometimes its doesn't work.

      Now the main core of my issue is this. You play Eldar (not a inexcusable crime in itself) who have the most OP codex/army book i have ever seen in 10ish years of GW games. You win almost every game i see you play (easily, as far as i can tell). On the day you were complaining before he game even started, and even more so as it went on. You play Eldar, you win 99% of your games, and things go poorly on one and this warrants complaint? Really?

      On this weakest list point i am in a better potion to comment on Jayden's list than you are. I know the full scope of his collection and that was the "weakest" combination of the units he had. And as i understand it he asked you what he could do to make this list weaker and you had no reply. On top of that his list was fairly weak by IG standards, no vets, no chimeras. Just 2 tanks, 1 flyer and the rest were just bog standard guardsmen

      Now i am not going to debate the mechanics of 40k, its a BS broken game made by a greedy company that doesn't give a damm about rules balance. What i will say is that my recent loss streak for my Wood Elves is something like 6 games, and i didn't complain nearly as much as you did during your 1 loss.

      Like i said before you play a OP army that steamrolls most opponents, you loss one game and you complain constantly during the game, then you come online and try and defend your complaining.That is what i take issue with. You loose games sometimes, and sometimes you loose games before the first die is rolled, it happens. Personally when this happens i end up learning something about either my or my opponent list even if i get crushed, that way i get something out of my defeats, what i dont do is complain.

    5. So lets get this straight.
      You hate my choice of army. So you are prejudiced against me from the get go. It's an inexcusable crime after all.

      You are the personification of a good sport, and never complain, and I with my complaining offended your moral code, so you make me out to be the big bad bully, and ultimately complain about my complaining.

      Just so you are clear on this.

      I've played Dave four times. He is the most experienced and knowledgable 40K gamer at the club. Never have I crushed him. I have beaten him, he has beaten me.

      I've played Jayden three times now. He has beaten me twice now. I've beaten him once, by the skin of my teeth. The battle report is in the archives of this blog. I've never crushed him. In fact they've all been close games, with the exception of the last game where the odds where my weak list was way outgunned (a plasma cannon, two heavy plasma guns (Lemen Russ), three twin linked las cannons (Vendetta), a heavy flamer and heavy bolter (Hellhound) and then at least two more heavy flamers on foot. I had a Wave Serpent, a Fire Prism, a Night Spinner, a Vyper and 24 infantry models.

      I've played the other Eldar player at the club twice, the first time we played a Maelstrom mission, and I won because I was able to capture the objectives faster than his footdar. The second game was Eternal War mission "the relic" and I won that because I retained possession of the relic.

      I've played Arnold more than anyone else, and the last game we played he won, using his new Tau amy to defeat another of my rejects lists. I've beaten him more than he has beaten me, but I've not been a sore loser when I've lost, which is what you are accusing me of. I don't like to lose, but who does.

      In fact the only person I've crushed is the new guy Matt, and that is because he has an over dependence on Land Raiders, Talons, Vindicators, Centurions and Terminators. And we him I've given him advice on how to beat me.

      I approached Jayden some weeks ago saying that I wanted to play a game without using high powered models hence no Wraith Knight, and no psykers.

      I'm very aware that Wave Serpent spam in considered OP, and have recently been trying to avoid it (i even wrote a piece about it on my blog. My choice of army came about because I still had the Maughan Ra model from sixteen years ago when I worked as a painter for GW. Not because they are a high powered army.

      Yes I complained about the last game, primarily because I didn't expect to be facing a flyer on what was mean't to be a fluff game. I'm passionate about what I do. I'm sorry that offended you. But it wasn't your game and their was no need for you to come onto a public forum and sound off about it.

      So Rex, I'm not the big bad bully Eldar player you make me out to be. And next time you have an issue with me complaining, come talk to me like a man.

    6. I dont want to get involved, but to clarify something, I sent you my list a week in advance. You made your list days before the game.

      But yea I think you guys can email each other or something instead now.

      The point Rex was making was the complaining both before and during the game annoyed him. So I will let you guys respond to each other for a bit but I think there are better places for this.

      Rex is well aware that most of the problem stems from the game itself being badly written. His problem is the rules and the complaining.

      Its unfortunate that the game makes it hard for 2 armies to face each other without one blowing up the other first turn.

      In regards to my vehicle, I was not aware the rules for gets hot changed to make it harder for my tank to kill itself. Also I did get some good rolls on that first shot. Asides from that amazing first shot I think we could have had a close and awesome game. Remember you defeated my left flank with ONE MODEL!

      Anyways, I still enjoyed the game, I hope you saw the potential your Swooping Hawks have because they look very nice. They killed almost 20 men in one turn!

      But if you two can take it elsewhere that would awesome.

    7. No problem. I've written all I have to say on the matter. And I'm sorry it had to come out on your blog, it's not how I would have liked it to play out.

      My ignorance played a part in this, I thought a Vendetta was one of those Mortar tanks you used in the first game we played, not a flyer.

    8. All good.

      Next time if its a unit I haven't used before ill chuck in the unit type with the list.


    9. Hate is a strong word, I don’t hate the Eldar codex I just dislike it. I think it’s the most op codex I have ever seen but I reserve my hatred for things far more deserving of it than GW crap.

      I thank you for your compliment, but don’t miss represent me by claiming I was calling you a “Big bad bully”, I never said that and its wrong of you to suggest that was what I meant. What I said was you complained too much, that is my only issue and that is my only charge against you.

      Ok so I was wrong on the steamroll point and I apologize for it. It doesn’t matter, I still stand by my originally criticism.

      I will repeat, I know the full extent of Jayden’s list and that was the weakest list he could have bought. He could have done nothing to make it weaker.
      I was annoyed, not offended. There is a big difference. And maybe Jayden should have let you know he was taking a flyer, but this 40k I mean come on. Its broken and unbalanced, we all know this. And don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, or what I should or should not do. If I want to make a comment on a aspect of a game I observed then that’s what I will do regardless of what others think, unless they make a good case as for why I shouldn’t and none was present in this situation.

      Ok you were doing fine up unlit that last sentence, know you had no way of knowing but one of the things that pisses me off greatly is this how “like a man” crap. I said I was tired at the very start of my post and had been in constant discomfort the whole day from my neck/shoulder region. I didn’t feel like standing around debating when I could be on my way home. So don’t play this “like a man” rubbish with me, all it does is anger me.

      I wont give out either of my email addresses here. Instead if you want to take this further with me i will be at the club on Thursday

    10. I don't want to take it further. And the 'like a man thing' was just a phrase, not an insult. Sorry if it came across that way.

    11. Okay guys, I think we got off track: Who else thought Jayden's infantry looked kinda goofy before being placed on the field? I mean damn they look good in battle, but rather silly otherwise.

  2. Great photos! Sorry if the opponent was a bit negative. It's hard to learn to take a loss if you are used to steamrolling people all the time!

    1. Yea I think that was the case. I do think he learnt from the game though. I certainly did.

      Thanks for reading Greg!

    2. Yes I did learn something from the game. I learn't not to place my only WS next to my Guardians in a enclosed area, especially when they have the only threat to your flyer (aside from the WS) with them. And to deploy more than 36 Inches away from your Lemen Russ with Plasma cannon. It was a stupid mistake on my part. Act in haste, repent in leisure.

      I also learnt that Banshee's are useless in the current meta (although I have another delivery method in mind that I want to try out), and that Jain Zar is toothless against vehicles. Typical case of using the wrong troops for the wrong job. Banshees are only good at killing AP3 troops, and only on the charge.

      The Swooping Hawks were better than I expected them to be, but I suspect that was more to do with the Guard toughness, than SH weaponry.

      I do want a rematch though. Preferably with no surprises. No demons. No apocalypse models. And no flyers.

    3. I think you would have won if you sat at the back of the map. I had a long way to go before I could hurt you if you sat at the edge.

      I will be honest, those banshees are only good for a display. Only once have they ever been useful!

      Against anyone with lots of infantry those Hawks will hurt. Use squads of 6, maybe even their special character for extra punch.

      Yea we can have a rematch not long after Christmas maybe? In your garage or mine. We can discuss the terms of battle later. But bear in mind I dont have many vehicles, I would rather not be reduced to merely swarms of infantry.

  3. Congrats on the win. I find it funny when ever I hear a guard player complaining about casualties. Seriously, all I hear is "bzzzz bzzzz bzzz and then I won!" whenever that happens but I guess some just care about their guys more than I do. :)

    1. Yea its my personal flaw in the Imperial Forces. I dont like the little guys dying. Especially needlessly! I did win, but at what cost? My usual sentiment is I will have made many orphans today, and many widows.

    2. Like I said, b****es gonna b*****
      But seriously, I agree with you Jayden, when one of my men, who I painstakingly spent 45 mins painting, dies, I feel sad
      But, to make me feel better, I usually narrorate how Bo the trooper jumped on the krumper and took one for team, or how Jason knocked his friend, a man he had fought beside for years, out of the way to take a round, or how Rakash died in an attempt to give his sergeant, who slipped in the mud, time to get the heck up
      that's how I make the losses better
      that or I just say oh well and carry on

    3. Yea I tried doing that, but when 30-80 men die a game I start saying oh well with a disappointing manner. I try win with less casualties when possible.

    4. It is good to aim to have few casualties, but remember, 1 is a tragedy, 80 is just a number

  4. That sounds and looks awesome! Congratulations on the victory! I've been playing my Eldar lately. Itching to unpack my IG. Very inspiring

    1. Yea man, when you are back into it you need to finish your WW1 troops! Eldar are better as targets anyway :P

      Nice to hear from ya. Looking forward to updates on your blog too!

  5. Great report and what a awesome looking army!

    I struggle against Eldar with my infantry IG, even when my opponent takes pity on me and only takes a single wave serpent. Massed AV 14 and air support is pretty effective against them, though.

    1. Yea my infantry killed nothing that game. Well one squad killed 2 vehicles in combat but other than that they just missed most of their targets. I really had to rely on my vehicles for true killing power. If he had 3 wave serpents and a wraith knight then I would not have lasted long.

      Thanks for the compliments :)

    2. Dude, that squad deserved a freaking metal for that s***, seriously, hearing a GUARD squad took out two enemy vehicles single handedly is pretty awesome, so I think they deserve a tiny stripe or something

    3. Funny thing is they took no losses doing it. Well 2 men died from killing the Vyper but until the last turn they took no damage and took down heaps of points worth of Eldar. for a 71 point squad they did some heroic things that game!

    4. Again I repeat myself, they deserve some kind of medal or something, if only a stripe on their hats or something, damn

    5. OR kill markings on the underside of their bases, so that YOU know what they did, and can rejoice every time you have to pull em from the map, knowing that in their first bout these bad boys single handedly took out 2 vehicles and only lost 2 men in the process