Sunday, 14 December 2014

Firestorm Games New Releases! Ground and Space Forces

Spartan has announced another wave of models to be released since the last release shipped out a few days ago. This is exceptionally exciting as a new starter set is being put up for pre order! 

Note: Lots of links at the bottom of the post. Free Rules and so on. 

With Spartan Games releasing new box sets almost monthly I have realized just how important it is for a company to communicate with its fan-base during a release. When Games Workshop released the 6th Edition Astra Militarum Codex I was excited. But during the release I had little idea what was going on. I knew it was coming, not because of of GW but because I could see some blurry pictures that don't really show much some guy put online. So instead of some rules teasers put up by GW, or a discussion of what to expect or any real info we got a very short YouTube clip of some Imperial Guardsmen sitting in fog. 

That was it. Until a week before the release. The rest was scavenged material some people spread around the internet. The build up to GW releases for me is slow and full of rumor. I heard so much about the new codex and 99% of it was false. The annoying thing was how cool some of these false rumors sounded! 

In a huge contrast Spartan games has been releasing huge amounts of kits for a few games. It (for me) started with the Planetfall Starter sets. Although at the same time many of their Dystopian games got rules and models as well. During the month or so leading up to the release we got previews into how some of the rules work, a general overview of the forces, some teaser renders of the models to come, the ideas behind some of the rules and models, a battle report, some tactics and some premium deals to choose from! All of this built up hype! 

This morning I got an email with the sets due to be released on January 28th. We had rumors and suspicions about what was coming for a while now but now its confirmed. We don't know what some of the ships do, or fully what to expect from the heavy helix sets but we can see whats coming and as time gets closer to the release we will be given more info. 

The new Aquan Ships. All but the Smallest Ships are new!

For example in Spartan games released during the Planetfall Starter set we saw some mystery renders. Not knowing what to think of it we where surprised to see a new Firestorm Aramda boxed set that not only ties in with the Planetfall starter box but also contains the new ship renders and MORE! 

Instantly I want to buy it. I know what the set contains and I have been told some hints of what the ships can do. The Aquans in this new set have a new "Heavy Carrier". This heavy carrier looks amazing (as does all the ships) but we still arent sure what it is capable of yet. I can expect new rules for these models, new fluff and new terrain! 

This is the Terrain. Some kind of technology they are fighting for, the panel will be clear!

But the part they got right, is making me think about it for weeks as I want to know more about these models. The anticipation is building. Something I never felt with the Astra Militarum release. Not only this we have been given HALF the renders for the new Planetfall miniatures. Over time we will see more then at the release date we can be flooded with all the information we have been waiting for! 

With these near monthly releases I am constantly in anticipation of these new sets to add to my growing forces. Even my partner has a fleet! 

The Directorate Ships. All but the smallest 4 ships are also new!

While I am talking about Spartan Games and their releases they have also released free rule sets. So the games have 100% free rules for the game and their races. So if you want to battle in space with large Armadas or invade planets with massed ground forces or BOTH! now is the time to start. 

Here are some of the Planetfall renders released:

Soryllian Heavy Helix

Aquan Heavy Helix

Terran Heavy Helix

So lots of exciting stuff. Expect some Planetfall and Firestorm matches over the next few weeks! Our clubs player base and collections keep growing with these games. 

So here are a whole lot of links:

Free Rules: Here (Some rules are coming very spoon, most are there!)

New Firestorm Armada Starter Set: Here

Old Firestorm Armada Set: Here

Firestorm Armada Sets: Here Simply click on a race and look at their Patrol Fleet boxes. That is enough to start playing the game! 

Planetfall Starter Set: Here

Planetfall Core Sets: Here Simply click on a race and see their Core helix! 

I highly advise starting this game, its pretty cheap to play!


  1. My ability to resist this game is slowly waning :).

    1. I highly advise cutting out some bases, downloading the rules and having a free test game. I mean there is no real loss in doing a free test like that!