Sunday, 28 December 2014

Demon Project Complete!

"For even the mutant, in its most disgusting form, can serve the Imperium. He that is mutated will give his life for the empire, charging forth to do battle for our most glorious Emperor, against the heretic, and the alien, and should he find himself facing the horror of his own kind, the mutant shalt not falter, for that is not His Will."           Revered Cardinal Vallus II (AKA Don) at a muster containing over 30% mutated human soldiers before sending them to their deaths against a much larger force of Orks.

I got an email today with a cool picture of my count as Demons for Imperial Guard all together look rather stunning. 

Before I get onto some fluff etc, here are some more pictures:

"These are unfortunate mutants who have been taken from the poorest areas of the empire and pressed into service as emergency "shields" for the Imperial Guard. 

During battle, a psyker, with great effort can open up a portal gate between the ship and the battlefield. These armed and potentially deadly mutants then find themselves in the thick of the enemy fighting to the death. 

The mutants are kept in line through the use of a mysterious goo. Huge slug like beasts produce a lot of this goo on a few particular agri worlds and is harvested in great haste due to its potential. This goo has lobotomizing effects on the mutants who sit in these ships armed and lazy, their weapons rusting away and their motivation dimmed. Then when brought out of this goo they kick into their senses at an aggressive rate as they find themselves unleashing anger into their new enemies. 

The Mutants never survive a battle as the cost to ship these lost souls back to their holding ships is too high they are simply killed and replaced. 

Of course this information is classified but rumors spread of such beings as they are inevitably seen on the battlefield. Psyers who summon them are watched with an exceptionally close eye and have less tolerance by their superiors. Opening these gates is not only a powerful tool for these psykers to control it is also potentially deadly for all those nearby. "

Thats all I have so far. It means I can use the summoning rules without being full on heretical about it. I think they look amnazing so thanks Oliver from Equinox Painting!


  1. You, sir, also have a 30k army. I'm thinking two units of Techthralls for troops (IG analogs that some upgrades can turn into awesome objective campers), a Magos for HQ (which is what that model is originally, I think), and either some lighting gun robots or a unit that mechanicus has that are basically well armed tech priests that shoot heretics dead. Probably around 500 pts. all told.

    Either way, sweet models and happy holidays.

    1. I also have some lost and the damned soldiers if I really wanted as well haha.
      At the very least its a bare minimum army for sure, which I will explore the possibilities with when I come to having the rules for it.

      Thanks man :) happy holidays your way too mate.

  2. Very nicely done! Would love to see them ranked up amongst your regulars

  3. Beautiful models!!!!! Happy holidays!

  4. This looks really relly good, great work!