Monday, 8 December 2014

Choices, Choices. Alternate Chimera

With my latest small 40k force here with me know I need to finish it off. For the first time ever I am doing a mechanized themed Guard army.

For 1K points I can have 55 soldiers (already complete), 7 Chimeras and one Scout Sentinel.

Needing 7 Chimeras is pretty pricey when buying from GW here, so after looking at overseas sellers and weighing up my options I decided to look for alternatives. I found a few. I wont be mentioning historical kits for this even though there are plenty of great ones out there.

Fist up this is the cheapest option I found. I mean crazy cheap!

These vehicles cost a mere 6 USD!!! That means you can have 10 of them for 60 dollars.

The downside however is they arent the greatest looking tanks out there and they also arent quite Chimera in appearance. They make it to the list however by being so cheap!

They can be found here.

Next is the mighty Hammer Armoured APC

This vehicle has been catching my eye lately. Its very well priced and looks awesome. Unlike the cheap option it looks like a Chimera and looks like a proper model. The one downside is that there is no secondary weapon! But that is fixable problem.

This kit has wheels instead of tracks and has little in the way of options, but as a bog standard blend of modern and old looks this vehicle is perfect for the Chimera role and is bound to catch some eyes.

The Hammer APC can be found here!

This next one has to be my favourite:

Rhebok Transport Vehicle

From Ramshackle Games this highly modular vehicle comes to a mere 20 pounds!

From this site you can make a Chimera, Leman Russ, Hell hound, Hydra and more plus all their variants! With so many options I think the Rhebok Transport takes the bait as the best Chimera Alternative out there. 

Personally I will be getting 7 of these with tracks and they shall be my new armies ride.  

The vehicle is crazy modular so it really pays to head to their site and check out what you can do!

Do you have any cool Alternative Chimera ideas? Im sure there are plenty out there! 


  1. You're right to go with that second option. I'm tempted to pick up a few of them some time to make into Hellhound varients. Can't wait to see this army completed. I to am branching out and just got all of the models (200+) to make an infantry horde at 1850. Wish me luck, you have my wish.

    1. Yea the choices that come with the final option are what sold me on it. Plus it looks archaic and im a fan of archaic.

      I was just looking at your blog. I wish you a great many luck. I suggest some kind of movement tray or an assistant for your games though!

      You will see the infantry for this army in combat later this week, so a small taste of whats to come!

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  3. would also recommend having a scan at this -
    been thinking of using the APC variants for a while now, especially with the release of the Solar Auxilia list.

    1. Thats pretty cool!

      Very high tech looking. Plus can be used as plenty of other IG vehicles. Nice find. If you end up with the Solar Auxilia forces make sure you post em somewhere, they are some lovely models.

  4. Wow i didn't know about a lot of these tanks. Thanks so much for the links!

    1. Reddit helped add to the list here

      Found a few I had missed some of which are cool. Thanks for reading mate :)

    2. YOU found? heck, one of em you completely missed boyo, I had to shoot the link to you private so you'd find the GNU armoured transport:

    3. Yes, that is true. The Gnu is perfect for my needs. Good find man. Has everything I originally wanted in a vehicle.