Friday, 21 November 2014

We have made Planetfall!

Planetfall has arrived and everything so far is awesome! We got it 2 days ago and despite having to go to work this morning we played this game into the late hours of the night. I was meant to do the Firestorm write up but this was too exciting so I played this instead!

This is what you get in 2 planetfall starter sets with the allied recon sets as well:

Heavy Aquan Tanks (without turret glued)

Medium Aquan Tanks

Aquan Infantry

Aquan Recon Tanks

Aquan Crystals, Terquai Gunship and Terquai Drones


Modular Crashed Shuttle 1

Modular Crashed Shuttle 2

Large Building

Same as above

More Buildings

Limited Edition Research station

Crashed Shuttle

Terquai Gunship in Action

Works Raptor Interceptors in Action

Directorate APC

Directorate Recon Buggy

Directorate Infantry

Directorate Medium Tanks

Directorate Heavy Tanks

Directorate Cyber Warfare Tanks

Directorate Buggies

Game One

So for this game the Aquans had 2 crystal nodes, 3 medium skimmers, 1 heavy skimmer and 1 support skimmer.

The Directorate had 1 Heavy Tank, 5 Buggies, 1 APC and 5 infantry.

So the above is deployement. My medium skimmer tanks are coming on turn 2 and my Crystal Nodes are being sky dropped in.

Turn 1

I got first turn and moved my Heavy Skimmer to take on his Heavy tank. Soon I would realise this was a mistake. So I fire all my firepower and do some damage to the enemy tank. My crystal node accurately drops down on a marker (we did the rules wrong here).

The first damage has been dealt.

Turn 2

The enemy Heavy Tank opened fire and dealt damage also corroding my vehicle. The Buggies deal more damage as they spew their weapons at my heavy tank.The APC unloads his infantry to eliminate my Node but fails.

 Turn 3

I lost my Support vehicle at the end of the turn and the Directorate went first. But my Medium vehicles came in to save the day. The buggies melted the rest of my Heavy tank. My medium skimmers took out the directorate infantry and huddled in a corner. In return I took no damage.

 Turn 4

The Medium Skimmers then moved and eliminated most of the buggies in revenge exposing themselves to the APC in the process. The heavy tank and remaining vehicles eliminate one of my vehicles.

 Turn 5

My Medium Skimmers moved behind the building after doing a point of damage to the enemy heavy tank who failed to hit me on its activation. The remaining directorate vehicles gave chase as I hurt the APC and zoom away taking no damage.

 Turn 6

I zoom over the small buildings and do no damage. The enemy give chase and eliminate one of my Medium tanks.

 Turn 7

In a risky move I zoom at max speed behind the enemy heavy tank, missing with my shots.The return fire starts to corrode my last vehicle and damage it greatly.

Turn 8

I manage to eliminate the Heavy vehicle! Seeing the command vehicle destroyed however caused the buggy to go nuts in desperation. Forlorn hope caused him to effectively ram my remaining vehicle. This action ended the game as the buggy utterly crushed my remaining tank.

Game one was awesome! I lost but had great fun. We still had an few hours left of night, so we thought we would have another game!

But first here are some pics of assembled models. 

Game 2

Bigger board this time, we deployed as you can see below. My skimmers recon moved over to the other flank before the game began. 

Turn 1

His Cyber Tanks hacked my Medium Skimmers causing them some minor targeting annoyance. In return my medium tanks took out his APC which meant I had destroyed a huge chance of his victory. So his infantry occupied the small bunker to try stay alive to take the center. The Directorate Medium tanks failed to damage my Recon tanks. 

Turn 2

My recon tanks got amazing rolls and eliminated 3/5 infantry stands in the bunker. The cyber tanks did more damage to my medium tanks. My medium tanks returned fire and damaged the cyber tanks. The Infantry assaulted my recon tanks and eliminated one while the enemy Medium tanks took out another. 

Turn 3

My AA clams drop in ready to wreck havoc on the enemy. My medium tanks flank and damage his medium tanks. His medium tanks return fire and eliminate one of my medium tanks. My light tank zooms away from the infantry and fails to do damage. The infantry advance and do no damage. The Clam turret kills one cyber tank. 

Turn 4

My medium tanks move close to his medium tanks and engage with Close Quarter weapons. getting the most amazing roll of the game I eliminate 1 and a half tanks while taking no damage. I then bring their guns to bear eliminating a tank and damaging the last one there. His infantry assault my recon tank losing a base to my return fire in another set of crazy rolling by me. The clam shoots the remaining cyber tank and eliminates it.

Turn 5

The infantry retreat in a blaze of glory and mt tanks eliminate the last medium tank with ease. 

The Directorate failed to take the center building and as a result was at a disadvantage from the second turn. I had a lot of great rolls while he failed many which messed with his plans. All in all I was happy to get a victory. 

At almost midnight we retire. 2 generals at a stalemate. 

Tomorrow, we will use all of our forces on the whole board. The carnage will be huge. 

The game is great too, so much fun! Air dropping assets, soon I will use portals, giant mech walkers are coming, aircraft zoom the field, infantry hold buildings and the list of this will only grow! Very soon when the other Firestorm Armada Players buy their ground forces, we will have a galactic campaign. Our fleets battle it in space while out ground forces take planets! 

The buildings are fun and easy to assemble, the models are highly detailed and the rules are fun. I cant wait to fight a real battle tomorrow. 

So check out Planetfall guys. Highly recommended! 


  1. And 8 turn game eh? Interesting.

    Sounds like you had a good time, i look forward to playing it

    1. Yea I played cat and mouse. Unlike Ethan and I you will be baptized in fire tomorrow. Straight into the huge battle haha. It will be great fun.

      There is a timer you count down until Planetfall can be made. The counter couldnt go down until I killed one more unit and he needed to wipe me out. SO Planetfall was made when I died for his forces. Which was 8 turns.

  2. Sounds pretty epic! Very interesting!

  3. Great write-up! Question: are the Directorate medium tank turrets somewhat...loose fitting? I thought they would sit snugly in the circular depression but they almost seem to stick up so you can see the "plug" on the bottom. Bit hard to describe.

    1. Yea they are somewhat. Its also noticeable on the heavy tank as well, but not so much so. You can see it pretty clearly in one of the pictures up there.

      However the detail on those tanks are amazing, most people wouldn't even notice (good eye haha). When my buddy paints it I'll see if it improves the turret at all.

  4. Hm, ok interesting! Ill try to paint mine such that the plug isn't too noticeable :)

    1. Yea, since im the Aquan player I havent looked too much into it. But im gonna notice it forever now!