Saturday, 15 November 2014

Firestorm Armada - Grand Fleet Clash

First game in the Garage! The battle is intense, hundreds of lives sucked into the void of Space, hulls corroding, cyber warfare wreaking havoc among crew, mines are devastating both friend and foe while fighters weave their way through the battle and carnage. 

Today we did the first half of the game, in a few days we will be back to finish it off. 
I am the Aquan (green and red ships) Fleet and I have foolishly used half muy fleet to "shunt" onto the battlefield. As a result my initial ships have been hit hard but im holding on. My biggest ships are still to come on so lets hope I can change the tide of warfare. 
Mine are tense right now as they are being placed riskily by both teams. Our mines hurting all involved and reducing ships to nearly nothing. My battlecruiser is leaking crew at an alarming rate and may soon be working on skeleton crew. My Carrier has had a shaky start being shunted on the table in disarray as the squadron was spread out. The left flank has been hammered by the directorate but so have the Terrans. 

A few ships narrowly escaped being hit by a comet which posed a deadly threat. 

Part 2 will see a proper report!

So far this game has proven to be cinematic beyond what we initially thought. Although the map below looks a little bit off, there is actually meteors, comets and mini nebulae that are causing all kinds of trouble. Critical hits are creating situations that are increasingly deadly. Assault Marines have been sent on suicide missions. Its all great and we are loving it. Soon planetfall will be here and we can do ground battles as well! 

So keep an eye out for the full report in a few days! Hopefully the Aquans can turn things around. 

20 Minutes in... 

A lone Directorate Cruiser leads his Squadron forward 

Aquan Destroyers pick off their prey from afar 

Hawker ships prepare to hack Aquan ships

Aquan Cruisers backed by Aquan Frigates take on the Directorate ships

Engine Drive Failure! 

Frigates have taken a beating! But they press forward. 

The Terrans and Hawker fleets carefully navigate through Meteors

Things are looking grim, 6 hours into the game...

Destroyers reliably eliminate their targets with little return fire

Aquan battle Cruisers in the thick of the fight!

The mine laying war ensues... yet to be resolved.

The Aquan Carrier is preparing to launch its Bombers

Destroyers keep at their task

A Hawker battle Ship corroding under fire. Narrowly missed by a comet but heading right for a deadly meteor field!

Terran Cruisers move in to finish the Carrier!

Will the Aquan battleship arrive in time to save the day? 


  1. The more and more I see Firestorm Armada I really want to buy it.

    1. I highly recommend it dude! Some of the coolest terrain rules in game, along with really cinematic gameplay. Plus with planetfall you can take the fight to both on the ground and in space.

  2. It sounds really cool, and I'm loving these models. Is it similar in play to x-wing?

    1. From what I can gather its very different. Since the craft in X-Wing are fighters (mostly) the focus looks to be on quick outmaneuvering etc. I assume.

      In Firestorm since its the whole fleet you have to work on getting your ships in their optimum position and concentrating fire. Ships work in squadrons to maximize their fire concentration, but they can split up and split their guns as needed.

      But I have only seen games of X-Wing and have plenty to learn about firestorm. There are some great videos online that scratch the basics of the game so it may be well worth checking out!

  3. I love naval battles, and this looks real interesting. How does it feel vs BFG? Yes, the fact you can tie games and campaigns into Planetfall is really nice. Used to be able to do that with BFG-Epic-40k. Looking forward to more!

    1. Unfortunately I havent played BFG. But from what I can gather it works very differently with 6's being a huge deal and things like torpedoes not travelling (scale and so on is very different in firestorm) so to my limited knowledge its different in many ways.

      Well worth a demo game at least. Or on Youtube there are tutorial games that teach you the basics which are really helpful.