Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Victoria Miniatures New Heavy Weapons

Victoria Miniatures has released some awesome new Heavy Weapon teams and also different crews for each of her Guard Regiments. 

Check them out here!

My personal favourite is the Twin Barreled Heavy Stubber. Also I may as well show off her new weapons (which I have been using and love) Found here!

If you want to add some flare to your Guard army or if you have been wanting to start one, check out this site for amazing Male and Female Guard models of various uniforms and such. 

Also still coming (after a LOOOOONG time) is the Taurox Wheel kit. Someone at the factory messed it up apparently but im told they arent far away. I did a post about it a while back here. Also to come are some Rough Rider Bikes and a Tank. But who knows how far away those will be. 

Just thought I would share. Victoria Miniatures, outside of Historical models, are one of my Favorite ranges. Among the best quality and detailed Guard Minis for sure. However many other companies are catching up. 

I love the guns but have yet to try the Heavy Weapon Teams, I may find a use for them at some point for sure. 


  1. I was checking out those heavy guns, and they are actually perfect for my Brandenbergers. My Highlanders' lascannons will be equipped with carriages from Curious Constructs. I'll still be using the GW gunshields, but the carriages are perfect

    1. Yea you can buy these carriages separately which is cool. Just chuck on the bits you want and you have the perfect gun!

  2. The plasma pistols looked similar to pre-heresy pattern. I might get some for my Emperor's Children legion

    1. It will probably work better for Marine Models actually. I know for my guys it took a bit of work to get them fitting properly.