Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hobby Update! - Too Much!

A lot going on in my hobby world at the moment. Ranging from new games to old projects being revived. So much excitement and more importantly soon a new house will allow me to hopefully take some decent pictures of my progress and games. 

Below are the biggest projects happening for me this week and im rather excited actually.


My counts as Demons are getting done currently. They look amazing. I have had so much fun summoning Demons in 7th that I just had to get some. Wanting to be different I went with the below! 

(more pictures when the next update arrives). 

An update on my WW1 Guard themed allies is due as they are almost finished! At the moment they will be added as allies to my Praetorian guard but here they are:

(sorry about pics, better ones will come)

The commissions above and their painters will be properly reviewed when the projects are complete. But these are some of the best painters I have worked with so far. 


The huge Fleet battle didnt end up being finished. But I thought I would show picks of it anyway along with the rest of the narrative. 

Part one can be found here.

The Engagement

As expected by both sides the 2 combined fleets met in the asteroid cluster in battle formation. The very fist losses came from the Zenian league as they recklessly flew through the mine fields placed by Aquan Escorts earlier. Many frigates and few cruisers became casualties to the huge guns of the Capital Ships. The Zenian league had crew leaking from hulls as Asteroids bounced of their mighty behemoths. The Kurak Alliance lost some Terquai Cruisers to the shocking fire power of the mighty Battleships. 

No side was giving way and as the gap between the forces came every nearer contact with the fleets was lost as a surge signal from the beacon was felt. The 2 fleets fell silent. Hours later horrible transmissions came through showing snippets of Aquan Ships and Terran Vessels in combat. What drove these 2 allies to madness as of now, can only be put down to Zenian trickery. Although scouts have found no trace of the enemy fleets existence.   

Firestorm Armada thoughts 

The game is awesome! 

The big game i was hyped for took too long with us not knowing the rules properly and with so many ships on the field. But we all learned some vital information about each others races. 

So we decided to do smaller games the week after. A small 600 point game was played between the Aquans (mine) and the Terrans. I managed to utterly destroy his whole fleet with no losses. Which kind of sucked but we put it down to his movement phase. 

If you have been looking into Firestorm Armada, I highly suggest starting with simply the Patrol fleet and nothing more. We all purchased way more ships than we could handle and it kinda killed the first game. 

Another thing to consider is keeping your paint-job simple and easy. I got my fleet done in a few days and they look (in my opinion) amazing considering the time and effort put into them. 


Planet fall is due very soon! The idea of using my Firestorm Armada Fleet alongside these forces in a huge campaign of galactic conquest is an exciting prospect. 

Here are some teaser pictures:

Expect unboxing reviews and some cool campaigns with these guys soon!

Finally my Bolt Action Armies have arrived. This has ended up being a second hand project of mine. Scavenging leftover pieces from the guy I purchased them from to put these armies together is hard work. As will be fixing them up ready to paint. I have a large Imperial Japanese Army which I am very happy to have assembled largely myself, and a Soviet Russian Army which I have had to piece together with scraps. These are just some of the issues of buying Second hand i guess. 

This weeks game will feature the Soviet push into Japanese held Manchurian territories. In the closing days of the second world war tensions are high. The Japanese have enemies on all sides closing in. Germany has fallen and now its a race to get Japan. The US forces are pushing forward as fast as they can to prevent Soviet forces having an influence in the soon to be conquered Japan. The new top secret bombs are to be used to ensure Japans immediate surrender to American forces. Denying the Soviets any foothold in the area and thwarting the bloodbath that would be taking Japan by force. 

So its all up to the final remnants of the Imperial Japanese Army to hold its enemies at bay until the bitter end. How long will my loyal men hold against the Soviet Tide? 

I have yet to play a game of Bolt Action but the rules look splendid. Im hoping the fact that I have 2 forces will mean I will have an easy time finding games for this. 


Another second hand project has started. The Goblins of Moria! I watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 2 weeks ago and seeing the ugly face of the first Troll seen in those mines made me want to collect Goblins. 

As it stands I have 1 headless Troll, 1 Troll in terrible condition and a bunch of Goblins in a similar state. Backed up by a 7 legged Spider and a single Swarm of bats I have some work to do here. But this project is in its infancy right now, so more on these guys later down the track. 


I havent posted much (if anything) on my Lizardmen Forces for Fantasy. Simply put I have somewhat lost interest. But my Fiancee wants to paint them so now im interested again. Especially now since I dont have to paint them myself anymore! 

Like the Lord of the Rings this project is in its infancy. But expect these guys on the battlefields in the near future. 


Lastly I will be moving house in 2 weeks time and its got a double garage that I have claimed as my hobby space! The guy who owned it previous had set it up for model trains. So hopefully this means the lighting is good. In this space I have prepared shelving, tables and a mini oven as a start up to my own proper gaming space. 

This means I have to work pretty hard with my friends to gather up more terrain for the many game systems we play. 

I hope to do some video battle reports with this new space soon. I want to keep making comic battle reports but they simply take a lot of time. 


  1. don't even know where to begin. Lots of great miniatures and hobby time. Lovely photos to boot!

    1. I hope to be expanding on each one of these soon. So keep an eye out :)

      Thanks Greg.

  2. Awesome to hear Admiral Comrade General Commander Jayden! As a side note, ii sent you some more intel on what I am planning for my tank

    1. Sir Lord Jayden the Great is my preferred title haha.

      Yea I finally replied. As you have noticed I can be slack at replying to emails at times :P

  3. What an amazing hobby week! Would love to have a week like that! Looking forward to see your new hobby garage

    1. Thanks dude, we are finalizing the house details in a few hours. Its pretty much in the bag. But yea its a crazy hobby week really. Probably well above my limit at the moment, so I will have to work hard to sort it all out.