Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Mighty Aquan Fleet

I have started painting my new Aquan Fleet  for Firestorm Armada that arrived a few days ago and have enjoyed it a lot. The idea was to paint them as fast as I could and well it was a pretty fast paint job! Unfortunately I only had enough Spray Paint for the 3 cruisers but tomorrow I will continue the job after a few games. 

Anyway here are some pics:

The Isonade Cruisers

Terquai Allied Torpedo Cruisers

Terquai Allied Assault Cruisers

Piranha Frigates

My Charybdis Carrier with Kappa Escorts

The Maelstrom Battleship

For Scale
I am loving these ships personally. The are actually Cybernetic Bio Ships grown by the Aquan race. So I went with a living sorta colour scheme and I think it came out great. Its a bit rough but from a distance they look really nice. 

I used a white undercoat. 2 layers of Camoshade wash and a medium drybrush for the body. The fleshy parts where painted in screaming skull then washed with Seraphim Sepia. Lastly the red Crystals where painted mephiston red. 

Sorry about the photos. I dont have anywhere nice to take them currently like I used to, but in battlle they will look glorious!

I cant wait until the ground forces arrive for these guys. Thats when the real fun will begin!

Tomorrow expect to see some amazing Lord of the Rings battles as some demo games will be run to teach us how to fight for Middle Earth (funnily enough while playing it in Middle Earth). 


  1. The Federation comes for you!!!!

    1. They have to. Their guns only point forward!

    2. LOL.

      These look nice. How were the models prep wise? (mold lines etc)

    3. These are all pretty much out of the box.

      Minute mold lines and super minor flashing that came off with my thumb. The most parts I had on a ship was 3. It takes minutes of prep.

      Well worth the cash quality wise.

    4. I also want to add that the detail on these ships are pretty amazing. I was kinda disappointed when I opened the boxes but once I washed them with washes the details exploded and they look amazing.

  2. Nice job. I love how washes and drybrushing works so well on starships almost all the time. Your fleet will look real good!

    1. Same here. Its so easy to get the effect. It will be interesting to see how the enemy fleets look next week too.