Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Moa Riders? Tox Flame Troopers? A Hobby update

Well I have decided to slowly build up an Army of Rough Riders and have been fishing around for ideas. The Badger Riders have convinced me that Rough Riders is the main route to 40k happiness for me! 

So I thought I would share the next model in my Rough Rider Collection! 

He is currently in transit and I think he can be the Cavalry Company Priest. This Moa comes complete with A Crazy Bearded Man, his javelins and some blades sticking out the side of the Moa! 

Im pretty excited about this model not only because of how it looks, but also because long ago these giant birds roamed my country. Hunted only by the Haasts Eagle (an eagle big enough to pick these giant birds up and kill them... its pretty damn big). For those wondering, yes I may get a giant eagle to complete the food chain... 

I may as well begin working out with my group a cool way to include models like priests on horse back etc to make this army work. 

The guy who makes these (Gary Hunt) Moa Riders has a range of models that may be worth checking out. Im fairly sure I have seen his name on some Weta Workshop sculpts in Wellington. Some really cool stuff too! 

Now here is the next part im excited to nearly add to my collection...

Oliver has painted these Tox Troopers for me, and boy they are stunning!

He has done a tutorial for these guys robes here  and I suspect more tutorials to come. His blog is well worth the read as he has many more tutorials and show casings like these!

Anyway, just wanted to share some stuff that im excited about hobby wise. 



  1. Props on the Rough Riders. I love them as well and GW doesn't know the opportunity it has missed in not releasing a supplement for IG like it seems to do for everybody else. A Rough Rider Platoon formation is all I really want and I'd finish the 36 men that I actually even have bits for but no reason to assemble them with the current unit.

    If you write it I will spend GW.

    1. If only they did any market research. I have heard it can be quite comfortable to stick ones head in the sand...

      Ostrich riders ever cross your mind? ;)

    2. The things we dont have because GW doesnt listen. Sigh.

      Well, I might as well try writing a decent one then. Ill take to the forums and see what will come of it. It gives me reason to buy more Rough Rider related stuff.

    3. Just switching the Lances to Power Lances would go a really long way.

      Do they have Scout and Frag and Krak grenades?

      If not that would be the first thing I'd add to a Rough Rider centric supplement.


      This is my super first communal draft of a basic unit. They lack scout, but if they are gonna be an army I dont think giving the troops scout is a good way to go. They do have all the grenades though.

      Power Lances are OK but they dont give the initiative bonus etc. Not as good but can be used multiple times. Unsure if its better to make a new weapon or leave it lance yet.

  2. I'm actually surprised they left them in the codex, I genuinely thought they might disappear as most people make them out of 3rd party pieces and GW doesn't seem bothered about updating its line. You can't even get the old models anymore...

    Good luck with your project though!

    Check out this link, scroll down to the moas:

    I remember seeing these ages ago and loving them, but I contacted Kataan and apparently the Moa models were a limited run. Good inspiration though.

    1. Same here, I thought they would either get a model update, or an axe. But nothing really changed.

      I saw some terror birds which also looked like Moa that looked awesome, but the company no longer makes them and wont respond to emails so as for bird riders I think im very limited for now.

      Cheers for the info!

  3. Moa Riders FTW! They look awesome, and really goes with the pith-helmet style. Are you going for an awesome-cool all Rough Riders unbound army?

    1. If I fail at making a Rough Rider Codex (probably will fail haha) then yes, it will be an unbound army of riders! Im looking forward to it big time.

    2. That would be amazing to look at. And I'm sure lots of fun to play too. Especially in a multiplayer situation - your IG ally can call in the cavalry!