Monday, 1 September 2014

Grey Knights Vs The Praetorian Guard

After one of the Praetorian Regiments started summoning demons to aid them in battle, the Grey Knights got word of it and immediately went to eliminate the traitors. 

The remnants of the Praetorian force was a tattered shell of its former glory, now stuck wandering the planet it had now been stranded on. Their hardships where not yet over...

To read the full report go to The Dice Odyssey Below are just pics and comments of the battle!

Rex (my opponent) wrote a pretty cool fluffy commentary and report on the game. Well worth the read! 

Badgers performed well (not really...) and my demons won me the game which really limited actual casualties. All in all, technically came to a close victory. Although, next time Rex will have better gear...

 Badgers prepare for the charge.

 The big game hunter prepares to take the kill shot.

 Many Knights are cut down by relentless Las Pistol Fire

 Badgers eye up their prey




  1. Nice pics. I'll need to go see the batrep now. You look like you're having too much fun with them daemons XD

    1. Yea its crazy. I dont even use them to do anything most of the time, they just a lot of hits before dying!

      Many of my men would have died if the demons werent there to take the hits.

    2. ablative armor from the warp ... nice! :)

    3. I summoned 40 extra wounds onto the board that game. I had 50 models on the board already. So yea was a crazy amount of extra wounds and it only cost 75 points.

  2. The badgers did there job, can't ask more than that. They are a one hit wonder and don't like being charged though!

    I still think it was wrong not to change the hunting lances so the they worked everytime you charged, not just the first time, after all how hard is it it change a grenade?

    1. Yea true, overall they did kill 8 models (4 with pistols and 4 with lance) so wasnt bad at all I guess. The lancing was complete overkill though. I need bigger units to hit!

      Yea Power Lances would really give them a boost. It didnt matter what they did after they killed that unit. They where useless afterwards unfortunately.

  3. I agree. They should just be Power Lances. Easy elegant fix.

    I haven't gone and read the report yet, But it looks like it was a fun game. Though it was sad to watch each slide have fewer and fewer badgers.

    Have you had many chances to try them out with the Dark Angel Librarian yet?

    1. Yea, they held out for a while against crazily buffed Grey Knights but alas they finally fell.

      Against the necrons they used him. But against armies with little ordinance it seems over kill. In bigger games I feel he will be a must to keep them alive.