Friday, 12 September 2014

German Squats on the way!

I am very excited to get these models a few months from now. The kick starter was funded with all stretch goals so I thought I would share what I have ended up funding!

Meet Kaisers Squats:

Above is the Kaiser, and below are his 2 advisers planning the next wave (concept art)


The company medic (concept art)

The company sharp shooter

The Sergeants who lead the Squat army from the front line

The Main troops complete with killer wiener dogs, standard bearer, officer, HMG teams and the company bugle boy. 

Below are the experimental Squats who where sent to prepare the Praetorians for future merging of Squats and Humans in combat. As a result they took the Praetorian uniform and have learned to fight alongside them. 

Bob Olleys first kickstarter is how I got the Praetorian Squats, and his second kickstarter is the current kaiser squats that I couldnt resist getting. Any ideas for a good colour scheme? 

I purchased enough to make more than the minimum platoon of Squats so they will feature in future battle reports to come!



  1. My vote would be either blue or black. I think blue would contrast with the red, and still keep with the bright colours. Black on the other hand would also contrast as a dark colour to the red.

    Either way I think a very contrasting colour would be good, really make the two separate units stand out, the same way your vets stand out.

    1. Thats what I was thinking too. Blue and gold or black and gold. I was thinking of maybe doing them the officer colours (with white and black) but wasnt sure where to go with those.

      Cheers dude.

    2. Personally I think blue and gold would be the better scheme. I'd keep the white for the officers, just to give them something to really stand out from the rabble.

    3. Sounds like a plan. Hopefully they come out as well as they do in my head!

  2. Those are really nicde models! An entire Squat platoon. Should be real cool

    1. Cheers mate. I look forward to their baptism in fire.

    2. They should have a natural +1 to cover saves ... heheh