Monday, 15 September 2014

Firestorm Armada - Planetfall

Awesomely enough the club is getting into Fire Storm Armada and Planetfall. I am especially excited for this because the idea of huge fleets battle in space is epic. Add the fact that we can have ground forces that belong with these fleets and THEN have them participate in a connected campaign just sweetens the deal. 

October 22nd the pre-orders for Planetfall ship so expect unboxing and reviews for the Aquan Prime Naval and Landing Forces. Here are some pics of what I have purchased and some preview shots of what the battle fields can look like!

Planetfall give Aquans the options to field Terquai allies on the ground. The Terquai have got me excited because they use mechanized rapid deployment infantry who zap on to the field using portals backed up by a heavy gunship. These guys will be my forward units in the game as my Aquan skimmers and infantry make their way up the field. 

The Aquan navy is a hit and run force that makes good use of speed and short range fire power supported by powerful fighter craft and Carrier Craft. They also lay a lot of mines which are potentially deadly. 

Spartan Games (the guys who made these along with many other games) currently offer free Fire Storm armada rules as a downloadable PDF and each race has a starter set available to it called Patrol Fleets. Planetfall will be released in a similar format when the line is complete! 

So if you enjoy the idea of huge Space Naval Combat or huge armies of Giant mech walkers and so on I really suggest you look into this game. They also have planned to release a 28mm version of this to go alongside them which will cover skirmish and special forces operations. 

The potential here is amazing and they showed this at their open day event. They had a fleet battle and a 28mm skirmish battle. The events in those battles all combined to make the final 10mm planetfall battle come together. One player lost some transport ships in the space battle and it cost him precious rienforcements in the final battle and so on. Imagine having a grand campaign that covers all the aspects of planetary war? Well thats what Spartan Games is trying to make.

The price is great too! For me to buy a fleet, a ground force along with all the books and some terrain is 159 pounds! And thats for more than the minimum! 

Here are some non Aquan Prime pics so you can see whats on offer! 

Planetfall (so far)

Firestorm Armada

Planned 28mm Version
These are simply the 10mm infantry expanded to 28mm as test prints. NOT the final product.

Of course there is a whole wealth of info out there on the games. If the idea of full scale Galactic or Planetary war (or even skirmish) and the possibility of combining them all appeals to you, look beyond the brief info found here and seek more info out. I will see my first game on Thursday if it goes to plan with some of the fleets my friends have purchased so I will have my slightly more informed thoughts on the game soon. Although I have watched many battles of Fire Storm Armada online its always good to try one first hand. 

I am very excited to get into this. Its going to be a long few weeks to wait for my Aquan Forces. 


  1. Well this all looks amazing!

    As a fan of BFG and Epic this is hitting all the right buttons. Can't wait to read your experiemces with it.

    1. Thats how I felt when I was introduced to it!

      With free rules and decently priced models, its pretty decent to get started in.


  2. Seems to me that there are a ton of games out there that would not have any place to exist or a much hard time starter if GW had not canceled all their products outside of WHFB and 40K. It is not like the games were not profitable they just did not have the margins that GW wanted, funny how other companies can not just survive but thrive on that level.

    1. Yea pretty much the case. A lot of models out there are aimed at profiting off what GW neglects. Things like Various Imperial guard Regiments, Crazy Orks and the list goes on.

      Game systems are no different.

      GW used to have the excuse that they have heaps of other game systems but Spartan games as one example has now 6 at least (I think).

      I usually sum GW up with the words "wasted potential" really.

  3. We've got some Firestorm Armada players, and Planetfall is eagerly awaited. I think it's going to be a blast, though I feel BFG is actually a better space naval battle ruleset - one of the few rules GW had that's actually really good. Pity they canned it

    1. My friend and I always wanted to play BFG but the lack of money meant we never got the chance. So now we have money and the game is gone. Models are hard to come by for it. But the more I read about this the more I like it.

      I would have loved an Imperial Fleet to go with my Imperial Guard!

      So yea im excited about this as it will be my first taste of Space Combat and 10mm Ground combat for sci fi!