Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Ork Hunt Comic Batrep Preview + Flames of War

I got myself a new camera the other day and am loving the new quality of the pics! I am a bit too busy to do an in depth report so here is some pictures and a summery of the totally accurate battle between the Finnish Army ad the Imperial Japanese Army.

This battle was in preparation of my first tournament in a few weeks time. It is also the first time my painted troops have seen combat! Against the very man who painted them. 

We both learnt a lot this battle which was the goal of these practice games. Essentially under the cover of night I advanced and quickly overran his front position and on turn 4 had gained victory. Things went very much in my favor and more importantly my overwhelming numbers on a single flank is what truly won me the day. The Finnish reinforcements did not manage to come on before I took victory that day.   

The new Camera is amazing and I got it mere minutes before this battle began. So I am still working out the kinks. It can take photos in RAW format and I am beginning to unlock its secrets as I write this! As promised early in this blog I am slowly working on my photography. Hopefully the large images arent a problem for you guys (if they are let me know) as they took a while to upload for me! I have yet to get the settings worked out so this is a taste of what is to come quality wise. So much to learn with this camera! Here are the results:


Next week The Ork Hunt will begin. Rex will have his Orks tested as my men ruthlessly hunt them down (hopefully) in next weeks kill team match. I am hoping to make the second Comic Batrep a quality one, so stay tuned!

Cheers for reading guys. 


  1. The pictures look great,
    Plus the ork hunt looks like a good setting for a battle,
    I look forward to seeing the report.

  2. Nice pictures! And great teaser for the Orkney hunt!

  3. Thanks guys, Im hoping with the new camera and the help of someone else experience I can create something that's fun to read.


  4. I must admit your pictures do have a noticeable improvement now then before. I am looking forward to the ork waaaaagh crushing your weak guard forces

    1. Oh hell no! :P

      Thanks mate, I have finally worked out the camera so I expect some real great pics this time. I think it is clear I will win, I have the mighty Taurox Prime for this match!

    2. CAAARL... Why did you slaughter innocent orks?
      I don't know what your talking about
      Sorry, just finished watching some llama's with hats and now its stuck with me, so you are gonna use a taurox prime to attempt to crush an orkish host of orkiness? Good luck

    3. The mistake there was assuming the Orks are innocent. Orks are born guilty and need to be killed. Yea his voice really gets stuck in your head eh?

      Yep, superior discipline and weapons will win me the day. Cheers

    4. As they say, the only good ork is a dead ork!

    5. I agree mate. I agree. Plus we are doing them one last justice. It is clear they want to die given their lust for war, which means they are clearly dying in a vein attempt at getting the Emperors forgiveness. We are simply providing them with that...