Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Mechanized Cavalry (LoW - Unbound) Vs the Necrons - Pre Game

Tonight I will be using a list I have never tried before, with models that have yet to see action. My list will contain the following:

Librarian (on a Lion!)
Level 2

Krieg Death Rider Squad X10 (badgers will see action for the first time)
Melta Bombs
Power Axe

Malcador Defender 
Auto Cannons

Hell Hound
Multi Melta

Scout Sentinel X 3 (using the Tankettes above)
Auto Cannon X 2
Lascannon X 1

Taurox Prime

This comes to 1005 points all up. 

I have yet to use my Malcador which is exciting. I am a bit annoyed that most of the models will be unpainted, but I feel like something different tonight!

Im going against the Necrons which will have 2 Monoliths, and the rest will be spent on a Lord with a Necron warrior horde. Nasty stuff. 

Pre Game Fluff

The Praetorians have engaged the Necron forces in the main Trench Network in a huge line battle. With mounting losses and no reinforcements being sent, the Praetorian 22nd must hold their ground. Scouts have reported that 2 Huge Mobile Necron Structures have just materialized on the left flank of the battlefield. In order to prevent these Behemoths from devastating the battlefield the Praetorian Mechanized Cavalry have been sent in to intercept them. One of the holy Malcador Relics is being sent with them to ensure success. 

If the Cavalry fail, all hope will be lost. 

The last time our forces met, I was wiped out. Its time to avenge those that have fallen. 

Wish me Luck guys. 


  1. Sounds like a tought match up. Hopefully you'll remember that the tankettes are walkers and not tanks, cos I know I'd forget!

    1. I foresee many wrecks in the coming game. I will try remember haha, Its such a small army it shouldnt be a problem. (I hope)

      Im just excited to bring out some units that I havent used yet.

  2. Hopefully the dice favour you a bit better than your last run in with the Metallic Dead.

    Did you settle on whether you wanted to go with a Dark Angel for the 4++ or one of the Codex Marines variants for their Chapter Tactics?

    1. I agree, down with the reanimation this game I hope.

      Thanks heaps for that reminder! I was looking for that 4+ for ages in the Space Marine Codex and couldnt find it. So its in the Dark Angel book? That changes things greatly!

      With this new info, im going for the Dark Angel Librarian. How different is it to the normal Librarian?

    2. The Dark Angel as you have him above:

      150 points.
      Stats 5444242 10 3+
      Grants unit ATSKNF
      He also has:.
      Fearless Preferred Enemy (Chaos Marines)

      Power Field Generator:
      A model with a Power Field Generator and all models (friendly and enemy) within 3" of a model with a Power Field Generator have a 4+ invulnerable save.

      So he is excellent for getting them where they need to be in decent shape but depending upon your target it will be crucial to be very particular about his placement in the unit.

      Place him near the back on the turn they wish to charge so as not to grant the enemy the improved save against your lances. After his pile in you'll be getting more out of the save than any but the poorest troops so it should be fine.

    3. Thanks so much dude. Man thats a bit better than I thought he would be after reading the standard one.

      As you said, front until charge. Give no enemy the bonus.

      Life saver mate haha.

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  3. Apparently your comment was deleted, not sure why?

    Here was your comment:
    I believe the Monolith has a STR8 AP3 Large Blast. So you won't want the Librarian right at the front all the time as one failed LoS and you'll only have a 50% chance of keeping him.

    With the way he's got his army set up your Riders should have an excellent chance of sweeping away his giant unit. Just accept his challenge with the Sarge to avoid any Mindshackle Scarab nonsense.

    Not sure what you can do against the two monoliths. Do the Death Riders all have Melta Bombs or just the Sarge? "

    My reply:

    yea true, maybe center him a bit, I dont know. If I play it right I think I can get them there alive.

    He doesn't use mindhsackles. I am safe there.

    Just the sarge has melta bombs. But the hell hound has a melta, the malcador has a demolisher cannon and 2 sentinels have lascannons. I am hoping this is enough to take them down!

    1. Well that's odd. Thanks for recovering it.

      It will definitely be an uphill battle. Especially if he keeps everything together. Try talking up how crazy and intimidating it is that Monoliths can deep strike. A little Psychological warfare can't hurt. ;)

      With the changes to the Vehicle chart the really tough vehicles are a lot scarier. On the plus side he doesn't really have an answer for your Malcador if you can keep it away from the Warrior blob (or kill them with your angry wildlife ;) )

    2. Yeah placing him so the closest Badgers to the enemy are under the Field and he'll be a great force multiplier.

      Hopefully your Librarian can get something to further buff them as well. Are you going with a Force Axe for the added hitting power and to slow him down for the pile in?

    3. No problem.

      I think if the terrain favors me, I can take them out. What I am worried about, is if he pushes his monoliths forward, and when he gets close warps all his warriors onto the battle field. I am very certain that if he does this, he will ruin my plans and win. If he can get enough gauss glances he can really bring the pain.

      That malcador is Xenos Hell. All AP4 weapons, high stregnth and high volume of fire. It will slay many. I was thinking of driving forward and hoping it explodes right in his thick blob of soldiers. But if he glances it to death then it becomes a wasted effort.

      Lots to worry about this time haha. He doesnt know what I am bringing and will probably feel intimidated himself at the sight of my army.

      The death riders on paper seem pretty hardy with all their rules and saves, but the added benefit of the guaranteed 4+ along with any powers he might get really increases the odds of this unit living to do some amazing things.

      I havent upgraded his standard weapons at all as I didnt know how much to spend on the guy. But he can grant the whole unit force weapons which could really hurt his lord. Does instant death eliminate reanimation? I cannot remember?

    4. First off I totally gapped out on the Libby's toughness in my earlier comment. He can survive one hit from the Large Blast but I'd still advise against risking it.

      He comes with your choice of Force Weapon included in the above price. I recommend the Axe as it works well with the plan to keep the shield off the enemy until after the Lances strike.

      I'm not super familiar with the Monolith but does it need to follow normal disembark rules? It might not be possible to fit everyone within 6" of that door.

      He can only grant himself Force unfortunately. Instant Death doesn't eliminate reanimation but you can't resurrect after being swept IIRC.

    5. He severely under estimates rough riders after seeing them in action before. I am hoping he just assumes they are worthless and shoots my big stuff. Hoping. So hopefully I dont need to worry too much about the big blasts.

      Yes, he will have an axe like my seargant then. But he can activate force weapons through the power, which I thought gave it to the squad? But I could be wrong.

      We have measured this many times, he can, with lots of cramming, fit them within 6" of the door. If he shoots on that turn, then he will be a great target fore my Demolisher cannon. Provided it lives.

    6. The Librarian's huge movement with Turbo Boost could come in handy if the tank is in desperate need of the 4++

      I think the Force power was worded awkwardly. I think it says that everyone in the unit with a weapon with the "Force" Special rule gains instant death. Helpful for units like Grey Knights or when you have multiple psykers together you only need cast it once.

      Perhaps those wicked little Tanks can run some interference on any teleporting Warriors. Just need to keep them out of rapid fire range.

    7. Yea once the unit has used its lances it may be worth protecting the malcador with the 4+.

      I wont bargain on it then, I mean, its not gonna be crazy useful regardless.

      The Tankettes are there to maybe get a lucky hit on the monoliths or to simply die wasting a whole units firepower. If they do either, im happy haha.

      Can the librarian roll on the telekenisis? It might be worth aiming for invisibility.

    8. Divination, Pyromancy, Telepathy, Telekinesis.

    9. Ok. Well that was very informative mate. Makes me realize how little of the rules I know sometimes haha.

      Thanks heaps for this! Lets hope it improves my odds.

    10. If the Tankettes can get around the side of his Warriors away from his Lord they could tie them up in melee for a crucial round or two if need be as well.

      (Just have to remember that they are walkers ;) )

    11. Yea, since you guys mentioned it, im probably gonna forget now!

  4. Some last second changes to the above.

    Ditching the camo to make my Scout Sentinels Armored to tie up the enemy in close combat. Only 5 points more so I think its a better investment.

    1. So how did your new recruits perform?

    2. Absolute victory. Lost the Malcador and 1 sentinel. Badgers got to charge the last 4 necron warriors and cut them down horribly well.

      Battle report soon hopefully. Just been a bit busy for blogging lately. Got lots of catch up now. Badgers are finished, hopefully I can use them next week again.

    3. Well done, bully! Been trying to get ahold of you comrade Jayden!

    4. Sorry mate, flick me an email, tomorrow I may be able to chat more than the last few days. Id love to hear some updates on your stuff.

  5. That's great to hear. I haven't found much on the Witch Doctor front unfortunately. You mentioned you play Lizardmen is there anything there you could use?

    Look forward to seeing both the report and the Badgers :)

    1. Due to the way the kits are made not really, I was thinking about cutting up their new skink priest but it seems awfully wasteful for a few feathers. But thats my current idea so far.

  6. Do you have any Stegedon kits? I know there were a lot of interesting bits left from my brother's sprues.

    1. Yes, I have one of them. I could use the skink priest OR skink cheif that came with that kit as a rider. Maybe an armored lizard thingy. Good idea with the Lizard bits, I have many that could be used.