Sunday, 20 July 2014

WW1 Army WIP Part 2

Following on from Part 1 here my WW1 project is coming along slowly. Unfortunately my current living situation is not very good for painting. I'm hoping my next day off work is a sunny one so I can really knuckle down and get to work!

So far this is my basic test model. 

Please bear in mind this was done in very uncomfortable conditions :P. Im hoping to get a good painting set up soon, but for now this will roughly have the first test scheme done. I am definitely gonna change the white to black though as the white doesn't quite fit properly. The backpack will be changed from white also. 

Work on my Chimera has halted since finding this kickstater for WW1 Tanks. I looking into these as alternatives to modifying the Chimeras and boy they look great. I'm probably going to go with the MkV as it fits the most. But the french Tank looks amazing too!

Thats all for now. But this project is slowly being done. Just need to get into my painting a bit more and wait for this kickstater to get its goods shipped!


  1. That is a sweet looking infantry model. I like the back pack too. Nice to see progress. Certainly inspiration for my own :)

    1. Thanks! Im hoping its sunny tomorrow so I can finish him off. Whenever I take photo's of models I notice bits you cant see that well with eyes. Like the random brown line at the bottom of his coat. Thanks for the compliment.

    2. Frontierlegion23 July 2014 at 10:53

      From what I have seen kickstarters take a while you might try for the armour.
      You also might like
      I am planning on using the trench raiders for a female DKOK combat engineer platoon or company. The lancers are nice for the DeathKorps riders as well.

    3. Yea The iron clad minis came up in a discussion and is still on the maybe list. The kick-starter is set for November, but from previous experience it will probably be sent late January. I have 40 days to decide on that one.

      Some of those weebly miniatures look quite nice. The scale might be a bit off if you are mixing them with GW or FW miniatures, but they can still be made to work.

      Some very cool stuff, thanks for sharing.

      Also those lancers would save you a lot of money over the FW ones. I will definitely pass that info on one day.