Sunday, 27 July 2014

Thank You Readers

Today marks a pretty decent moment in the blogging history of the Imperial Patrol. The blog is roughly 6 months old (dont count January, that post annoys me to this day because its one day away from being in February!) and I just thought it would be nice to thank the readers for giving me reason to post!

So lets go through some blog achievements in this 6 month anniversary (or close enough)!

Small List of Achievements and a Mighty Thanks

The blog currently sits at 40,000 views with the top 3 posts of all time being:

  1. The Praetorian Squat Post
  2. The Coming Taurox Conversion Kit
  3. The Tempestus Scion Leak I was lucky to have
A special thanks to some of my regular commenters that keep this blog lively:

  • Rex Foote
  • Eldarain
  • Spunkybass
  • Donovan
  • sjb
There are many who I know read this also and my thanks extend to those as well. I hope as time goes on the list above keeps getting bigger!

Future Hopes

The Comic Battle Report has got a lot of attention lately and I am hoping to bring you much more of them as time goes on. Many at the club and those who partook of that battle are pretty excited to help me create more as well. 

Soon I will update the blog with a category list so you can find posts that belong to a category you specifically are after. Such as Warhammer 40k or Alternate Models etc. 

Im hoping to update the page tabs at the top of my site so not only the info is current but so they are actually interesting to read haha. I will add a Battle report page which will have the links to all my battle reports and a win/loss summery. I also hope people will start posting interesting scenarios and story ideas there for me to try out. For the Comic Batrep I had many ideas from the users at dakka for a cool narrative and so forth. Was great fun. 

If you think there are any changes that could be made to the way I post things or content do let me know. My spelling and grammar may not be great (sorry) but soon I will conscript my Fiancee into the job of proof reading my posts so this should improve soon!

Some blogs I am enjoying currently and wish to share

There are some great blogs out there and there is certainly no shortage of great ones. But there are a few I have really been enjoying lately and want to recommend.

Equinox Painting is a new blog made by Oliver Maclean and its full of painting tips and great works of art. If you have a painting question or need commission work or just want to look at how how others get their models done this is definitely a place to check out! If you have any questions just ask him and he will try find an answer for ya!

Spunkybass Place 3.0 is another blog out there that has a brilliant selection of models and some nice photography of his battles and forces. Some great inspiration can be found there along with some cool fluff. With all his many armies and great gaming tables there is bound to be something you enjoy there. From Flames of War forces to Eldar there is a lot to see there! 

The Dice Odyssey The Dice Odyssey was a blog I originally helped create and shared with a good friend of mine Rex Foote. If you like Wood Elves, Fantasy with a little bit of 40k then its a good read over there. Lately he has been working on some Orks (who will soon be seen cutting down my Guard!) and a Tanith force. I will be working with him to do a narrative campaign which will involve the struggle between my Praetorians and his Ork rabble!

A special thanks to well known blogs such as Cadias Creed, Natfka and so forth for helping me start out my blogging adventure after I decided to create my own blog. 

If you have a blog and I am not currently aware of it, feel free to share and I will add it to my Blog Flank! I will love to see what you get up to. 

Thanks guys


  1. Awesome man, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks mate!

      Thanks for the help as well. I still enjoy reading your blog, great stuff!


  2. The question is did that Guardsman behead a Fire Warrior or just take his helmet?

    Great to hear you are still doing well and look forward to what you produce in the future, well done!

    1. Probably just found it and thought it would impress the girls at the next place they visit.

    2. No Pr----------------------------------------------------------------------';.'ds,cv;,cs

      Yes. The emperors soldiers definitely killed the foul xenos...

  3. Thanks for the mention, I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Didnt realise it was only 6 months old!

    Personally I think the blog is greatas it is, looking forward to more comic battle reports though!

    1. Thanks mate I am glad to hear. More Comic battle reports are in the making! Expect the next one in about 1 weeks time.

      Thanks for being a regular mate. Thanks for the compliments also!

    2. Looking forward to it, and good work should always be complimented

  4. Congratulations! Here's to 40,000 more views! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks mate. Keep up the great painting! Its always nice to see your work.

  5. 40,000 views couldn't be more perfect could it?

    You've only been doing this for 6 months? Congrats on carving out your own little corner of the interwebs so quickly.

    Can't wait to see your next Comic report. Will it be another Kill Team battle or will you be writing a tale of daemonic corruption for our enjoyment?

    1. Yea I saw the view count and the date and thought now would be the moment to do such a post. Some well rounded numbers overall haha.

      Cheers mate, its definitely improved my gaming situation and how I do things. Im glad people dont mind peaking into my wargaming world!

      Honestly nothing is planned yet. This week will be my Japanese Bonzai charge practice for my first tournament so this will be the first time my painted army sees combat. The week after will see a Comic Batrep but that will be arranged this week.

      Work on the Demons starts August 18th. Equanox painting will cover its progress and with his talent I have high hopes for this project.

  6. Jayden, the fact that you included me in your post is rather flattering, and the fact that you are so gracious as to include my projects on here is awesome as well, as I don;'t think I could do a blog myself

    1. Its alright mate. Im happy to share your work! When its complete one day someone will look at it and be inspired. Projects are something cool and as time goes on I would love to share more of them. Keep it up mate, I look forward to seeing your project progress.

      Thanks Donovan.

    2. Well I have begun the process of making my highlanders
      The will shame your lads into shameful shaminess Jayden, so much so that the same will be horribly shameful for you... JK, its gonna be fun
      For any interested in what I am rambling about, the next project, after the somewhat stalled teriyaki guard project, is... Scottish lads. The legs and arms are gonna be the same as Jayden's, Victoria lambs . For the torso's I'm using the Empire Greatsword torso's, and then my heads will be the Knights of the White Wolf heads from Empire Knightly orders. Bitz are rather uncertain at the moment, but I want to add backpacks and belt accessories,
      Officers are gonna have baskethilt claymores and possibly pants (GASP)

    3. As he said the bits part is gonna be the hard bit. If anybody knows of some good easy way to buy any of the bits mentioned any help would be appreciated.

      But yes it would be cool to see claymore armed Scotsmen leading their men. I look forward to this.

    4. By claymore I ment a Basket Hilt Broadsword, in this case I might try and do one of them with a massive two handed chainsword, and then one of the officers are gonna be styled like a duelist, two pistols or a rapier and pistol

  7. Congratulations! Didn't realize your blog was only 6 months. Well done!

    1. Cheers mate. It seems a common theme that though. I guess its something you have to look for to find out. All good though haha.

      Cheers mate :)