Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kill Team Comic Battle Report

I thought i would try do my first Comic Batrep today. Boy I under estimated how difficult it would be! So here is my first attempt!

The team has been sent to investigate some deadly plant life and prepare to have it removed for the coming garrison. Little did they know what they where in for...


My most successful game since 7th edition dropped. The Eldar and Grey Knights happily ate each other away while I picked them off. Having the flamer Chimera was key to victory as the Eldar player didnt want to go near it. Pushing him towards the Grey Knights, who couldnt get a hit on my Chimera. 

Luck saved my men today. 

These are very hard to do surprisingly enough. Spent a while making it, but definitely something that needs a few days work to get right. So sorry for the first one being a bit drafty. But they will hopefully improve in quality as time goes on.

Cheers for reading.


  1. i like how the hull mounted heavy bolter had flames coming out of it at one point

    1. Yea it was retrofitted to be a jungle lawn mower :P

  2. Laughed a lot at this, was good fun to read. Although a quick right up may have been good as well, or even one line below the pictures.

    Either way, it made me laugh, defiantly get a thumbs up from me.

    1. Good idea mate. I will do that in the next one I do for sure. Rereading it now I can see what you mean haha.

      Thanks for reading dude. Glad to make someone laugh!

  3. Well that was amazing!

    Really great job. Especially for your first crack at it. I think you might be able to help guide the reader better if you add a couple text boxes in the corners as you go along.

    Can't wait to see more as you get the hang of the effects etc.

    1. Thanks heaps!

      Someone came up with the idea of putting txt narration as its own picture between the frames. I might give that a go and see if it helps out.

      Im building up a library of effects so that I can keep it all consistent next time around.

      It can only get better from here :)


  4. Awesome! That was real fun to read! Almost as much fun as having a game, actually! Looking forward to more!!!

    1. Cheers mate. Im glad people are enjoying it!

      Ill try do this for my next battle for sure.