Thursday, 10 July 2014

Corrupt Praetorians VS Eldar 7th Edition Battle Report

Orks are delayed again unfortunately so instead my Praetorians had to fight off more Eldar Punks. Except this time... this time... my Praetorians turned to Chaos for answers. Did they find the luck they needed to gain some victories? Lets see. 

So its 1000 points and my list is similar to last time except I added a psyker. He had 3 serpents, 10 avengers (2 units), 10 guardians, farseer and wraith knight. 

Now this is a fair warning. I forgot my camera, so you are about to be subjected to photos almost as shameful as my traitorous tactics this game. 

A prayer to the Gods of Chaos...

Pre Game

So deployment was long to long and I got to deploy first. I pretty much lined up ready to march up as usual with my command team hiding in the bushes. 

His 3 Wave Serpents cowered rightfully so behind a large rock. 

 Turn 1

He stole the Initiative and zoomed forward, doing little damage to my men. Other than that, it was rather bland. A few zoomed forward to gain some ground.

My turn was amazing. I summoned 10 Pink Horror thingies and took 4 HPs total off the Wave Serpent horde. The tank hunter order gave me the edge I needed to get those extra few glances. I passed my leadership test and avoided any repercussions on my perils.

Turn 2

His wraith knight Deep Striked and scattered behind coward rock. Guardians disembarked ready to slaughter some men and his Dire Avengers disembarked but most did nearly nothing that turn besides claim some horrors lives. His shooting saw my command squad fall leaving my Commander and Vox Caster alive. The horrors reduced to 2 models and my combined squad of 20 in the center suffered 7 casualties from the knight. 

I failed to summon a Greater Demon, but managed to summon some flamer Demons and passed my perils check again. The guardians suffered 6 casualties from the guardsmen nearby. The Hell Hound claimed 5 Dire Avengers and the flamers Claimed another five Dire Avengers. Sporadic gunfire failed to do anything else. It was at this point we thought victory was mine for sure.

 Turn 3

His Guardians killed the remaining Command Squad members and sporadic gunfire killed nearly no one else bar 3 of the combined Platoon members. Pretty bland all together. 

The flamer demons failed to do anything and I failed to hurt anything else this turn as well. We all just moved forward. Another bland turn chasing Eldar.

 Turn 4

He killed very little failing to wound anything with most of his weapons! 

I managed to summon some Screamer Demons who failed to do anything. My weapons did little and unfortunately all I could do was advance again!

 Turn 5

His turn saw the death of all my Demons except one Horror and the Hell Hound suffered another horrible death. This put him behind by one victory point! His speed allowed him to hit my men hard after avoiding a lot of my fire power. 

I, to win, had to kill the Wave Serpent on the far left of my side. If I killed this vehicle I would have won by one point! I reduced to 1 hull point! I killed one serpent in the center. It was 9 victory points for me and 8 for him. Since I failed to kill his serpent my last hope was to hope the game ends now. I roll a 5. I have lost. Not only has the Emperor failed me... but the Chaos Gods rejected my pleas also. 


 Turn 6

He simply moved onto the last objective and gained 10 victory points at the end of the game. I was 1 hull point away from victory!

He won 10-9

I am so sorry for the awful photos! I was kicking myself for forgetting the camera! It was a close game but asides from a few turns most of the game was cat and mouse. I had victory in my grasp for the whole game until that last turn!

On the bright side, this is the first match I didnt lose most of my army haha. Best survival rates in Praetorian History. Maybe the Chaos Gods have something to offer after all....

My thoughts on Demonology are somewhat meh. They are fun to use, but rather hard to summon and have a lot of potential that can quickly go to waste. I might keep trying to use it in the future im not sure. But it made the game a lot better I think. Really kept my opponent on his toes. 

So it was a tight game and one I thoroughly enjoyed. 


  1. Very close game. It seems fitting that their first taste of Chaos left them so close to victory but not quite. A further sacrifice must be needed....

    Given the inherent strength of the units he had at his disposal this was a very good showing for those plucky chaps.

    1. Haha yea. Its quite funny how it happened. My army was lined up before deployment staring at this Eldar death machine im about to face. Then the demon player whispers to me "I have some demons... if you want an edge...". I instantly said no, but he gave me promises of better chances and told me how good the Demons could be etc. So I accepted his offer and that was the day I turned traitor. I was actually enticed by a Chaos player! It can only go down hill I imagine...

      I had all these hopes of huge demons ripping apart the enemy, but they only gave me the bare minimum to almost win. Maybe next time I'll get better demon rolls...

      It is the first time I have ever played anything remotely Chaos too.

      Personally, im just happy a lot of my men survived. Thanks to the demons who absorbed a fair amount of fire power and eliminated a squad. So it felt pretty good over all.

      Thanks for reading mate. I may just use more demons next time...

  2. We apologize for the delay but the incoming Ork waaaghh was delayed by........bad weather, and NZ post, still.

    1. Ork belligerents ruin everything. :P

    2. Im glad though. Imagine your Ork battle happening without my camera to fully capture it!

  3. The Praetorians have fallen to the trickery of Tzeentch! Sounds like a really close game! Sounds like fun too. I should try that myself. Eldarain's quite right though - that Eldar army looks pretty strong. Any plans to dabble further in the ruinous (but insanely awesome and tempting) powers? :)

    1. Im gonna be honest, it was a lot of fun summoning them and I personally didn't feel that they where over powered or anything like that. So I guess I will be trying them a bit more in the coming weeks. It was pretty handy having them as back up for sure!

      His list was very scary. I honestly thought I would be dead turn 3, but I had too many targets for him to deal with and thats what kept me alive I think.

      More Psykers next game for sure!

  4. so.. what psykers did you have? and how did you avoid getting perils'd to death?

    The fact that you tried two summonings in one turn... I'd want to throw 7 dice at each one to make sure. Maybe the greater daemon would have been worth making sure you got

  5. It was bad enough he had 65 troops but to augment them with daemons made life difficult. But my Eldar Wave Serpents saved the day!

    1. I will admit, many people see the massed ranks of the Imperial Guard and get worried. But it hurts the owning player more when handfuls die a turn haha. Yea serpents shield gun really hurts. Good use of those really won you the game!

  6. If you think three wave serpents, 10 DAs, 10 guardians, a Wraithknight and a Farseer is scary, then it it will be interesting to see our future games.

    1. in a 1000 point game I would consider that very scary. Its not quite as scary as the thought of a jetbike army but I think its 2nd place for scary Eldar lists at that point size. Next game I will try shake up my list a bit for some interesting add game play.

    2. There aren't too many alternate builds at 1000 that would be much scarier in my experience. Too low for the Council. And nothing else in the book (Or the game really) compares to the raw power/points cost ratio of the Serpent.