Monday, 14 July 2014

A Great Painter Looking For Work

If you read my Battle Reports then these guys will be familiar to you. These are my Scottish Imperial Guardsmen. The person who painted these put a lot of effort into the detail and quality when painting them and boy it shows! The kilts vary in shading and pattern, some men have stubble and the hair has been done in varying shades as well. Truly amazing work right here.

The painter was Oliver Maclean and he is back in the commission business looking for some work!

More of his work can be seen below.
Oliver took the time to work out exactly what I wanted in my models and I knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. A lot of painters I know like to really darken their models with washes and shades and I personally think bright and vibrant colours are superior. Oliver took this into consideration and took the time to make the shading and highlights look natural and realistic. I will also note that a lot of the colours he chose himself and exceeded my expectations on how they turned out!

I simply took advantage of the free shipping companies offer and got the new minis sent directly to Oliver to set up and paint. We exchanged ideas and he came back later on with some stunning images on quality I did not expect. Honestly the best commission painter I have ever done business with. 

He had to put a stop on his work for a while and now he is back in to it waiting for some commissions to keep himself busy. So I thought I would share this and if any one out there feels like getting that character painted to a high standard, or a unique squad to add to your army that needs some wow added to it, flick Oliver an email and see what he can do! 

Email him at:

He is currently limiting himself to smaller commissions over large armies. So keep this in mind when you are seeking information. Also see some of his work below:

I cant recommend him enough and might send him another project myself. If you end up getting him to do some work for you, please be sure to post some pictures! 

Cheers guys.


  1. Wow! The man can paint! I'm keeping my Highlanders to the combat khaki version of the kilt, don't fancy painting 80+ guys with tartan. What he's done is amazing. And the other work is just fantastic too

    1. Yea I know right. Imagine the frustration of doing proper kilts 80 times!

      The pictures dont do enough justice (at least on the Scottish). The stubble and eyes etc have all been done so well, Since I am doing my WW1 project, he is gonna do my demon project! So I have high hopes for them.

      Cheers for reading. If you ever know someone who wants some models painted, let him know about this guy!

  2. As my brother completely loathes all hobby aspects I'll pass this reference along.

  3. Replies
    1. No problem mate. You got talent so im glad to share it!

    2. Ah, so the master hath posted as well, You are indeed very good at what you do, Mr. Maclean