Thursday, 3 July 2014

7th Edition Battle - Demon Incursion

The Ork Waagh stood up my forces the other night and we were greeted by Demonic beings instead. So as requested I have gone back to using the picture on turn by turn basis. As usual the game was 1000 points and the battle was in a lush but somewhat alien jungle. Anyway here is some fluff:

The Praetorian 3rd Fusiliers suddenly were ordered to halt on their way to Garrison post 1163A when the accompanying Astropath had a twisted fit on the ground. The Commander immediately ordered the company to hold a lose defensive formation. The Commissars arrived to put the unfortunate Astropath out of her misery when she screamed a warning in a voice so natural it put fear in the hearts of the men. 

Seconds later otherworldly beings materialized  all around them and the 3rd Fusiliers training kicked in. They prepared to open fire...

Just a brief battle report today. 

One last prayer before the Carnage...

I have never faced the Demons before but I was told they will be ALL deep-striking. So I decided to castle up and see how it goes. So here is the pre game board and my deployment!

Turn 2 (turn one was wasted due to rules etc)

Since I started my first turn was unfortunately wasted while my men anxiously waited to see what would soon come. 

One chariot of his would be the first item to grossly spawn from its sick land. Followed by some Khorn swordsmen, that bloated Nurgle Demon of I'll health and a unit of Pink Horrors. Thankfully the Chariot landed in difficult terrain, immediately after he said "├»ts only a dangerous terrain, it'll be fine!" he rolled a one! Everything else landed on target except the pink horrors who landed pretty far away but this proved an advantage later on. 

His Psychic phase saw the slaughter of half the front platoon who was torn apart by the Demons vastly superior warp prowess. Im not sure of the details but the power had more D6 hits per Warp charged used! Perfect for killing mushy Guardsmen. 

Turn 3

My line moved towards the Demon flank and I prepared to open fire on the units. Many orders where issued by command. The Hell Hound roasted a decent amount of the Khorne Demons as they where nicely bunched up for me! The Horrors suffered horribly due to the weight of fire but I couldnt quite kill off a unit with my fire power. The Burgle Demon has Iron Arm which made him T10! So hurting him proved difficult and with his nurgly saves my weapons proved ineffective! Overall, given the toughness of his Demons (only T3?) I felt like my men had a good chance provided I could kill his greater Demon.

The rest of his army arrived and I had the honour of placing his vital flamer Demons the furthest place on the board from the action! He smartly avoided attacking my weakened chaff unit and he went straight for my 20 man unit with his men. He incinerated my Command squad instantly leaving my Commander alone. A portal opened up and spewed more Demons and his powers harassed my men. 

Not pictured on the field was a flamer chariot who was responsible for the killings of my commander. The chariot was on the right flank.

The Greater Demon made it into combat with my platoon and would mark the start of a long and gruesome fight to the end for my men. Only kill 4 men was a good start (and me claiming a wound) so I was somewhat hopeful my men had enough Krak grenades to finish the job! The Korne Demons ended up killing the last of the platoon soldiers in their path with ease. 

Oh Nurgle decided to hurt my army more and kill my commander horribly that turn too. 

Turn 4

In shock I fell back bringing the tank in for support. My gunline retreated and slaughtered the chariot and the Khorne demons where banished to their unholy homes. many Horrors were slaughtered but not enough to finish the blue one casting magic. More men fell to the might of Nurgle in combat. This is where things began to look ok (besides that giant demon) but little did I know what was coming. 

His phase saw the combined might of Demon Warp power slaughter many men. I simply could not deal with all the warp charge and cheap powers being thrown at me! With each horror unit he spawned he could cast and generate more powers! My vehicle was immobilized and many men fell. Combat troops held. 

Turn 5

This was the final stages of the game. I successfully killed of all the initial non summoned horrors and the blue Horror casting magic. But I no longer had the fire power to kill off anymore, let alone hold off the Greater Demon! The scattered remains of my men held their nerve and fought on!

He overran the last of the platoon finally and went to kill my lone Scotsmen. Horrors killed of the last 2 men who valiantly charged forth.

 Turn 6

The last of my men by the Hell hound fell. The plasma gunner by the Commissar died and I barely scratched the enemy. I was defeated on turn 7 as my Commissar was incinerated by screamers and the Nugle demon claimed the Tank as his final victim. 

Another Praetorian Regiment destroyed. Never to be remembered for their valiant deeds. 


Over all it was a fun game. Although I wish my opponent never had the greater demon but oh well. I think my men did well considering they held out as long as they did! The demons where a fun army to face on the first few turns but a lot of their quirks and abilities quickly became tiresome and annoying as they began to gain a lot of benefits through random events and gaining warp charge. 

I will admit playing purely casually is not easy when opponents are not doing the same. For example the Flyer in the last battle, or the greater demon in this game. I will admit the lists are no where near as bad as they can be like on the internet. But in saying that I have had more fun playing casual 40k than I have had playing competitive 40k in the past. 

Officially this is the first time I have lost more than 1 game in a row of 40k outside of the Campaign I ran long ago. A mighty blow to my ego! All in all its a lot of fun. For you demon players out there, please be nice to your next victim and dont cast Iron arm on your Nurgle Demon! Its disheartening :P

My next post will detail my next guard project as Praetorians near their completion. In light of the 100 year anniversary of the Great War, I will be doing a Sci Fi take on the French Army! But more details on that later! 

Cheers for reading. 


  1. Technically speaking the the orks that stood up your gaurdmen don't actually exist yet, they are kinda like orks in limbo, existing as a concept but not as psychical objects. As always blame NZ post for next getting me my boyz sooner!

    1. True, but it still hurts man! :P

      Its all good, out of your control. But your orks will pay for tardiness!

    2. Using Space Hulks as your primary means of Warp travel is incredibly unreliable (But definitely Orky) ;) Hope they arrive soon. ):

    3. There are quite a few similarities between NZ post and a space hulk, they are unreliable, they appear at random and disgorge untold horrors on innocents (well nz post doesn't do that last bit, most of the time)

    4. Dont get me started on the NZ post. I have little good to say about them...

  2. Um. unless i'm missing something, you can't go all deepstrike with the current daemon codex? The option for turn 1 deployment was in the previous one.

    1. Yes, but thats kinda boring so we let it happen.

  3. The daemon army lost since it had no units on the table during the first game turn.

    1. Thats a dumb way to win. I decided to fight like a real soldier and die for the emperor! :P

      I dont like that rule for some armies so we let it slip.

    2. I was surprised they didn't give them a form of "Deathwing Assault" letting them choose whether they come in turn one or two.

      Great battle. tough match-up for you with the disparity in Warp Charge (I wish they had used a system far closer to their Fantasy mechanics for 7th)

    3. Same here, I thought Demons of all races would have it!

      While I like the scaling, I dont like the Disparity. I think they could easily have made that phase perfect. But I guess with all the pink things generating warp and cheap spells it really didnt help. A scaling fantasy style psychic phase would be ideal to me.

  4. Ouch, the daemons look scary. I haven't faced off against daemons in ages, and I heard the sorcery in 7th ed can be somewhat evil. Another Praetorian regiment to avenge!

    Btw, love the pics. Tells the story of a desperate last stand. Sort of Zulu and Little Big Horn combined. Awesome.

    1. Yes, first turn they had 16 or so Power Dice and that number was growing for a while! Definitely another one of those armies where you need to kill whole units at a time. Yes, yet another regiment lost in the never ending fight for survival! A small price to pay!

      Thanks man, I love seeing in each photo the number of red coats dwindling back to a nothing. I do try fight like the men of the time did. At a huge cost haha.

      Thanks for reading.

  5. It's actually pretty important that demons can't start all off the table anymore. It means that you actually get a chance to shoot them before they start crazy summoning more demons, and it makes it much more difficult for them to summon demons directly into your deployment zone like that. That one rules mistake made a pretty big impact on the outcome of the game.

    Well, that and that the big demon didn't go down, of course.

    1. Yea I just got back and was speaking to the Demon player. A lot would have changed if we followed the rules. Potentially game breaking but at the end of the day we both learnt a lot and it wont happen again haha.

      Cheers mate.