Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Rise of the Machines - 7th Edition Maelstorm

I have to battle the Necron threat tonight. Now these Necrons are my arch enemy at the moment. Our wins and losses are fairly equal and every game is tense so expect a good game very soon. Yet again it will be 2 painted armies pitched against each other to the death fighting with the Maelstorm Mission cards. 

His army is almost always full of 60-80 Warriors and boy it sucks trying to kill them before they rise again. More often than not I almost kill the whole unit bar 1 or 2 models and over half of them rise back! I have no idea how i'm gonna do against the Necrons especially with the Maelstorm cards. 

The current plan is to take my usual line infantry and a Hell Hound. With the Necron glancing guns im not sure how well it will stack up though. So maybe i'll cram as many infantry into 1000 points with the Hell Hound as back up. 

Since Maelstorm missions tend to favour speed (it seems) it will be interesting to see 2 infantry based armies marching around the board. The run shoot order may be vital to my victory.

The battle will feature my Praetorian Squats as well as the Scottish Veterans so im pretty excited to see how they look on the field. 

So wish me luck and expect some cool photos in about 12 hours! 

So here is my brief narrative and so on:

The Praetorian 8th where doing a routine training week on a supposedly clear planet. During this training run an unknown unit activated some kind of beacon (they where promptly executed by the Commissar afterwards) which put the garrison on high alert. The commanders decision to immediately fortify his garrison undoubtedly saved many lives as Skeletal Machines began to rise that night and assault the base. 

The 8th has been commanded to deny these Machines vital objectives so that reinforcements can arrive safely. Thankfully Fleet Officer Dundee was sent to the garrison for training earlier that month. He is vital to keep coordination between the coming Navy and the Ground forces. He is to be kept alive at all costs. 

The main objective is to keep the Necrons from taking vital areas until reinforcing troops can arrive and relieve the garrisoned 8th Praetorian Forces. 


  1. Sounds exciting! How did it go?

    1. Battle will commence in 5 hours. I feel I may suffer defeat this time around though.

  2. The Emperor Protects! Rid the galaxy of the xenos filth!

    1. Our faith will bring us victory brother. Nothing can stop the Emperors will!