Sunday, 1 June 2014

Praetorian Squat Update

So these are the finished results. I like to base mine when they return to me so it matches the stuff I have done. As you may know I love bright vibrant colours on my models and these guys are exactly that. Hopefully you like them. I will have more pictures of them in combat next time I can fit them.

These are the original ones, thought I'd compare them.

What do you guys think?


  1. They look quality, it was a sad day when they killed off squats. What weapons are you running with them?

    1. Thanks :)

      Im not too sure what weapons yet. There are 2 mini gun style weapons in the unit but the rest have standard style guns. I may work on converting some to have plasma guns like the rest of my army. But not sure yet, I hadnt thought about it. Ill look into it and come back to you on that one.

    2. It was the back right in the picture that got me thinking, I guess converting the mini guns to plasma would be fairly easy, as would a cc squad, with just the addition of knives. Personally I like the idea of a cc squad, I can imagine a bunch of squats charging down the enemy for a good fist fight!

    3. I would love too, but my men are too gentlemanly for that. A gun fight is a fair fight. But I may work something out conversion wise.