Friday, 13 June 2014

Last Stand at Glazer's Creek - Preparation

The Last Stand at Glazer's Creek was a battle that was famously won by the Praetorian Guard. In my opinion its a battle that really shows the nature of GW today and how they operate. To see what I mean, I seriously recommend reading this amazing battle report. What you see there is a well planed, well presented and well executed battle with the perfect amount of forge the narrative chucked in there. You will never see Battle reports like this from GW anymore, which is a huge pity. But oh well, time goes on and frankly we gamers have more than enough imagination to fill in the void of creativity ourselves. 

I was re-reading this the other day and coincidentally a friend of mine wants to start fresh in 40k with Orks. Within minutes I knew I had to recreate this battle. So the planning has begun. I am still finalizing the rules to somewhat update the rules from this (such as barricades and what units can be used) battle and hopefully get it as close to the real thing as possible. 

We have the terrain to do this too. So like the last battle I will name everyone and have it all set up to go except I hope to go overboard with my photography. Last game had some great shots of the battle and I hope to keep improving on those pics. So expect some quality photos from now on!

Below is an actual 28mm set of Rorke's Drift from Warlord Games. Rorke's drift is what Last Stand at Glazer's Creek is based off. If anyone has seen the movie Zulu then that's the famous battle. I will do a test map next week to make sure I can get the battlefield looking like the real thing, if not then I may just buy this set to get the real deal. 

So if anyone has any ideas or requests in how I do this let me know. Ill try my best to keep to the original report while keeping it up to date. I will have a few 7th edition battles before this big event but I really hope I can pull this off. Orks are my worst enemy (fluff wise) so I should have great fun slaying them. 

Just putting my idea out there for now. 


  1. Reading that old batrep can bring tears to your eyes ... i almost forgot how cool WD batreps were. Looking forward to see how your game shapes up.

    1. Yea its almost sad to see what they have become. Unfortunate really, so we players just have to pick up the slack haha.

      Yea im hoping it goes well too. A lot of thought is being put into it and we will do some play tests and so on to try get the best results we can.

  2. Looking forward to see that. I'm gearing up for a two-player campaign targeted for the 3rd quarter. Will share more once I've figured it out myself :)


      That was how I ran my last campaign, it ended as one of the players left. It was awesome as units gained experience and losses remained losses. Its just a basic rule set that could be hugely expanded if you want. Its a nice change from a lot of the usual campaigns I see.