Saturday, 7 June 2014

Imperial Tankettes

I came across a guy who was starting out a model making business mainly doing vehicle modifications for chimeras etc. When I found him he was making his own Chimera Version and the Mini Tank you see below. Instantly I had found my answer to the lack of Heavy Weapons in my army. 

This was the mock design. 

As you can see its the perfect size for Sentinels and Heavy Weapons teams. I love tankettes, these are perfect for me. Especially as they are far more easily customized unlike the Imperial Guard heavy weapons, a simple magnet and you have all the weapons available for each vehicle. At only 15 USD each (10USD shipping to NZ) these came out 10 dollars cheaper than GW Heavy weapons teams in my country. 

I have ordered 3 and plan to turn them into lascannons as the first dedicated anti tank weapons besides 3 Scotsmen with Melta guns haha. 

So if you are interested click here to get yourself some unique sentinels or heavy Weapon Teams. I can imagine these suiting Mechanized armies and Tank heavy armies. Or if you are like me and want something different. 

Hopefully you like them and I will show them off when they arrive. 


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