Thursday, 5 June 2014

First 7th Edition Battle

This was a very close battle and I expected to suffer a defeat. My opponent wasnt too optimistic either. Both our armies where NOT DESIGNED well for the army on the other side. So we had to make do. I managed to, however keep the astropath alive. So here is the casualty report:

Commander      -     Jaydenicus Howellian 
Banner Bearer     -     Lamar Clayton
Vox Caster     -     Beckett Warrick
Plasma Gunner    -    Chris Albertson
Plasma Gunner    -    Dee Tyson

Astropath     -      Barcode H966781 AE32 - Level 1

2nd in Command (Platoon)    -    Erle Banks
Vox Caster   -    Todd Edwardson
Plasma Gunner    -    Shane Wilmer
Plasma Gunner    -    Noel Evanson
Plasma Gunner    -    Rodolph Gardyner

Commissar     -    Benedict Fraser

Psyker    -    Barcode 11FI 22309176 - Level 2
Psyker    -    Barcode 780897 HUC - Level 2

3rd in Command (Veteran Mobile Infantry)     -    Esmund Bentley
Plasma Gunner    -    Merritt Durand
Plasma Gunner    -    Rowan Traiylor
Plasma Gunner    -    Lake Royle
Vox Caster     -     Ollie Breckenridge
Infantrymen     -    Ralphie Keighley
Infantrymen     -    Huey Peter
Infantrymen     -    Nic Nathans
Infantrymen     -    Garnet Harlan
Infantrymen     -    Winton Sanford
Infantrymen     -    Wilson Howe

4th in Command (Platoon Infantry)    -    Earl Black
5th in Command (Platoon Infantry)    -    Cal Barnett
Plasma Gunner    -    Maverick Peyton
Plasma Gunner    -    Chad Badcocke
Vox Caster    -    Baldwin Arthur
Infantrymen     -     Jepson Massey
Infantrymen     -     Lewis Bates
Infantrymen     -     Eric Travers
Infantrymen     -     Sullivan Hollins
Infantrymen     -     Derek Chance
Infantrymen     -     Laurence Baldwin
Infantrymen     -     Tim Elwes
Infantrymen     -     Wilbur Garry
Infantrymen     -     Neal Auteberry
Infantrymen     -     Boniface Garnett
Infantrymen     -     Derren Saylor
Infantrymen     -     Faron Clinton
Infantrymen     -     Sage Hyland
Infantrymen     -     Trev Wallis
Infantrymen     -     Talbot Gabriels

Wyvern    -   "Crispy Cracker" 

Wyvern    -   "Grave Digger" 

Hell Hound    -   "Smoking Cigar"

It was a game with horrific casualties. He had vehicles (which I was not prepared for) and the wraith knight. I had mass of men which he wasnt prepared for along with the huge amount of psychic ability. Anyways here is the battle report.

Turn 1

So I deployed first. Using the wall as cover and hoping the vehicles on the left flank would hold their own my infantry started with objectives. First turn came up and my 2 wyverns glanced the Wave serpent to death and the hell hound eliminated one Wraith Guard. That one move had huge impact on the game as it rendered that unit of wraith useless. I cast a lot of the 4+ invulnerable save powers (which wasnt used at all) and ended my turn.

His wraith guard killed my Hell hound as expected and his wave serpent zoomed forward and shook up a Wyvern. 

Things looked good and all I needed to do was eliminate the last speedy vehicle and things would look better than expected. 

 Turn 2

I advanced my force forward in the most foolish move of the game. I got a bit confident after my initial success and expected to easily overcome what was left. During this turn My wyvern killed one Wraith Guard and nothing else happened on my turn. 

His guns claimed the lives of 4 men after he zoomed his Serpent forward with the deadly payload inside. Pretty uneventful turn over all. 

 Turn 3

In my hunt for glory I decided to send my Veterans forward to assault the serpent. It did nothing and my turn ended abruptly. The worse thing about it was I lost a whole turns fire power that may have killed the Serpent and more.  So that was that.

He zoomed over my Veterans and his Wraith Knight arrived from reserve to kill 18 of my men. A huge loss for me. My Platoons command lost a vox caster and in that squad of 18 one officer and the commissar was slain. The wraith Blades jumped out and prepared to assault next turn. 2 more veterans fell to the serpent. 

 Turn 4

My veterans stood back to back in the face on the Wraith units it was surrounded by and the rest of my force decided to hold the make shift fort. I moved my Psykers forward and with some decent shrieking I reduced the Wraith Knight to 2 wounds. My whole army fired at it in an attempt to finish him off but unfortunately I couldnt quite get it.  This was the turn where I thought I was finished. 

His Wraith Knight hurt my command squads and killed my psyker lady. The wave serpent did some negligible damage to my infantry at the fort and the blades assaulted. I did nothing to the squad and got pushed back. He failed to over run me and was out in the open. Next turn was my last turn to claim the upper hand. His wraith guard also missed all his shots at the wyverns. 

 Turn 5

My veterans regrouped and I moved My Astropath forward. He would be the one who held the key to victory. He managed to get a power off one turn earlier that gave him +1 armour which hurt my plasma. The slug shrieked the knight to death and I manged to do heavy damage to the wraith blades who where reduced to nothing. My wyverns also hurt the wraith units depleting them further. He was left with 3 guard and the serpent. 

I had the slight upper hand now. But he caused more losses to my men and almost eliminated my wyvern. I had nearly nobody left but neither did he. Victory was mine. But there was more work to do. 

 Turn 6

I charged forth reducing the wave serpent to 1 HP. His wraith guard where finished off and I was steadily advancing to my final target.

For ease I turned my surviving units into one and all but 3 men where wiped out in the assault. 2 officers and the astropath. 

Turn 7 finished up with my victory at huge cost. I didnt use my orders and huge Psychic advantage efficiently and orders where nearly not used at all. But I managed to just pull it off. Was an awesome game. Oh also night fighting only gives stealth now so its not nearly as bad as it used to be. Was a shock to find out. 

Among the closest games ever and the first time I used Psykers to my proper advantage. Was great fun and definitely need to work out the kinks after playing many other games instead of 40k lately. 

Lots of fun, hopefully the report is detailed enough. Some cool pics though. 


  1. Congratulations on the win and especially on the well painted miniatures.

    A couple of points though, because I apparently CAN'T help myself. I don't think that your Wyvern can glance the Wave Serpent to death unless he was showing his back to you. His side armor is 12 and your strength is 4. Unless Wyverns have something to help with vehicle killing I don't think they can do anything but scratch the paint job.

    Also, how did the +1 armor power hurt your plasmaguns? They're AP2 and I don't think armor saves of +1 are possible, though I could be wrong.

    Otherwise, its nice to see you utilize your psykers well and I especially like the space slug.

    1. The Space Slug was an Astropath Vital to my mission haha. Im glad he survived. The psykers where a bit much as he only had one level 2. So I was free to cast my powers and well I had too many powers and didnt even need to them. So next time there will be less.

  2. Yeah was thinking the same thing, per barrage rules vehicles are hit on side armor regardless of where the blast hits.

  3. Very true guys I didn't follow the barrage rules properly. I had placed them to hit the rear when it should have gone straight to centre of the vehicle. I have an apology to make there.

    and for the plasma I have this issue. Ever since I started playing I have always thought plasma was ap 3. I know they aren't but after my brief break I reverted to old habits it seems I used them as AP3 again.

    So the whole battle may have worked out differently with that new info. Silly mistakes too that are like basics haha.

    Cheers guys.

  4. For those that missed it here is the pre game Fluff.

  5. Hi Jayden. Love what you've done with the Red Jackets. Very inspired.

    1. Thanks Herman. To be honest its the only thing keeping me in 40k at the moment. Seeing these guys on the field keeps me interested more than anything else.


  6. really nice looking armies on both sides. Unfortunate about the mistakes but the games looks like it was both fun and close so that tends to ease the disappointment of rules errors.

    1. Cheers mate, im sure he will punish me for my errors next game. Its pretty casual here so we tend to laugh it off. So next game ill send a few men on a suicide charge at him as a peace offering that im very sure he will accept.

      Thanks for the complements. He is very good painter. His ancient Space Marine army is most stunning too.

  7. Very nicely done! Love the models, and the narrative, and the fact that every man is named. Awesome. Are those Victoria Minis?

    1. Thank you :)

      Yes they are Vic Minis. Just some 30K Plasma Guns and Vox casters added to bring them to perfection.

      It took a long time to name every man. But im glad you enjoyed it. I hope to make a lot more battle reports like this in the future. It certainly makes a big difference in the overall game enjoyment.

      Cheers mate.

    2. Really enjoying your blog by the way! I'll link you and keep up to date. It seems we have similar interests.

  8. Thanks! I've linked your blog too. I'm currently split between getting Vic minis kilted legs or not for my next Guard project - WW1 theme. Your pics are currently pushing me towards the Vic side

    1. I love my scottish from Vic Minis, some great kits. I have seen many pictures of Scottish with Pith helmets in history and so on. There is so much that can be done with the kilted legs its amazing. I personally find WW1 the most fascinating period (on a side not Flames of War will have WW1 forces soon) to learn about so I really hope you go ahead with that.

    2. WW1 is interesting. I've been looking at that period a long time, but never started anything there. FOW WW1? That sounds great. I've been playing WW2 for awhile (Command Decision, Rapid Fire, etc), but have consolidated into FOW (easier to find players, and Battlefront's range is awesome). I'd certainly be interested to check it out. Right now I'm thinking of a WW1-themed 40k Guard army - project name is 41st Shires. While I really should have lots and lots of infantry, I don't see myself doing that in its first incarnation. But certainly around 80 infantry, Demolishers kit-bashed to look evern more WW1-like, Basilisk guns on carriages (no SPGs), trenches, and maybe a Malcador. I've already bought the Cadian battelforce, West Wind Brit helmet heads with gasmasks, and Assault Force Brit backpacks. The idea was to suggest the WW1 theme by using the back packs and heads on Cadian torsos and legs (with the puttees filed down), makes sure each lasgun has a bayonet, and shave off the mag clip. Then a friend reminded me of the Vic kilts ...

    3. I would love to do more Historic Gaming but I am currently limited by the gamers of my area too.

      Check this out:

      Ill be getting some as soon as possible personally. Hopefully the rules themselves capture the nature of warfare at the time. Time will tell.

      I personally suggest the kilts because the cadian legs dont have much first world war in them. I think its the shirt thats a bit too long for it. But it all depends what kind of Sci Fi to Historic ratio you are after. Other than that the idea works really well (in my head anyways). I also strongly reccoment the Malcador. I absolutely love mine and cant wait to use it.

      If you go with the kilt direction, dont forget to get bagpipes! haha.

    4. Of course! Bagpipes are a must! Maybe counts as vox casters :)

      Thanks for the link ... models look great.

      I haven't done historicals in awhile. 2012 was a huge FOW year for my games club - a late war campaign, an early war campaign, and a tournament. There's another group in my LGS that does 15mm Napoleonic - I haven't touched my Austrians in like 15 years! I think 40k is most convenient with the community. And it does help that the models are great too

    5. Thats what I use my bagpipes for haha.

      40k also offers a lot of freedom unmatched by many popular historical games. Creativity runs wild there which is what I find great about it. As time goes on i'll expand into those areas eventually. Just gotta find the players.

      As for the first world war its pretty cheap to get into too. So hopefully it gets a following.