Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reader Army Sneak Peak - Trench Samurai!

So here is an early look at a readers army from across the seas. This army has had a long time in the making, from being Romans and Celts right up to the current Trench Warfare Oriental theme. I love it when players get inventive with their armies. This isn't the first Samurai Style Amy I have seen, but it is the first Trench Warfare Style Samurai Army! 

So this is a work in progress mini preview, expect more in the future. I will also interview him on the parts he used and how he came up with colours and so on. I am always more than happy to show off peoples armies with lots of creativity behind them.

Weather, work and shipping have plagued this project from the start. Let alone finding bits that fit together. This army has so much room to expand so keep an eye out. 

Good Work Donovan and I look forward to seeing more out of this force!


  1. You forgot to mention the part you played in this project Jayden.
    From the get go you helped me with this, acting as a rudimentary sounding board and positive critic of the idea. So a big ole "Thank you kindly good sir" From the fella across the water in the cold north of the USA

    1. You are welcome dude, I learnt a fair amount from your ideas and found many products etc. Was a lot of fun and I am glad to finally see results.