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'Forging the Narrative" - 7th Edition Battle Preparation.

This Thursday I will be having my first 7th Edition battle. I have decided to make it a forging the narrative style battle and so here is the pre narrative. I want to take my GW games down a level so its simply for memorable games rather than skill etc. So hopefully this makes the game more interesting. 

Operation "Dead Cargo"

Enemy: Eldar Forces

So the idea for this game is Commander Jaydenicus is leading a small company of men with light support to escort an Astropath to safety. The Astropath has valuable information that needs to be relayed from a station a fair bit west with the aid of some "special equipment" due to Eldar interference. 

The company consists of 44 men and 3 vehicles. Unfortunately no anti tank weapons have been supplied so the soldiers will have to make do with improvised anti tank explosives and plasma weapons. The plan is to have the company march hastily across no mans land and try to fend of any Eldar Ambush that may be in wait. 

The Astropath is of high importance as he has the co ordinates for the location of a damaged Craftworld responsible for the destruction of 2 worlds. The Astropath will die sending the message to high command who will decipher the message and determine the specifics. It seems the Eldar know this and the message can be assured to have resistance. The company will have 2 other psykers as decoys who will try to change the tide of battle and hopefully die in place of the Astropath. 

Due to fighting style of the enemy a Hell Hound, that was previously decomposition has now been retrofitted and repaired, will be taken on mission. Their job is to clear dense areas where the enemy may be present. This tactic has proven effective in the past and we hope that it proves to be a vita asset. Along with that 2 Chimeras have been fitted with crude artillery guns with air bursting shells designed to shred infantry with ease regardless of terrain.

The company is as follows. 
All Officers (sergeants, commanders, commissars etc) have their ceremonial Plasma Pistol and Power Sword. 

Commander      -     Jaydenicus Howellian (very original I know) 
Banner Bearer     -     Lamar Clayton
Vox Caster     -     Beckett Warrick
Plasma Gunner    -    Chris Albertson
Plasma Gunner    -    Dee Tyson
Astropath     -      Barcode H966781 AE32 - Level 1

2nd in Command (Platoon)    -    Erle Banks
Vox Caster   -    Todd Edwardson
Plasma Gunner    -    Shane Wilmer
Plasma Gunner    -    Noel Evanson
Plasma Gunner    -    Rodolph Gardyner

Commissar     -    Benedict Fraser

Psyker    -    Barcode 11FI 22309176 - Level 2
Psyker    -    Barcode 780897 HUC - Level 2

3rd in Command (Veteran Mobile Infantry)     -    Esmund Bentley
Plasma Gunner    -    Merritt Durand
Plasma Gunner    -    Rowan Traiylor
Plasma Gunner    -    Lake Royle
Vox Caster     -     Ollie Breckenridge
Infantrymen     -    Ralphie Keighley
Infantrymen     -    Huey Peter
Infantrymen     -    Nic Nathans
Infantrymen     -    Garnet Harlan
Infantrymen     -    Winton Sanford
Infantrymen     -    Wilson Howe

4th in Command (Platoon Infantry)    -    Earl Black
5th in Command (Platoon Infantry)    -    Cal Barnett
Plasma Gunner    -    Maverick Peyton
Plasma Gunner    -    Chad Badcocke
Vox Caster    -    Baldwin Arthur
Infantrymen     -     Jepson Massey
Infantrymen     -     Lewis Bates
Infantrymen     -     Eric Travers
Infantrymen     -     Sullivan Hollins
Infantrymen     -     Derek Chance
Infantrymen     -     Laurence Baldwin
Infantrymen     -     Tim Elwes
Infantrymen     -     Wilbur Garry
Infantrymen     -     Neal Auteberry
Infantrymen     -     Boniface Garnett
Infantrymen     -     Derren Saylor
Infantrymen     -     Faron Clinton
Infantrymen     -     Sage Hyland
Infantrymen     -     Trev Wallis
Infantrymen     -     Talbot Gabriels

Wyvern    -   "Crispy Cracker" 

Wyvern    -   "Grave Digger" 

Hell Hound    -   "Smoking Cigar"

Such a small company of men over all, made with the scraps of whats left of the old Praetorian 85th Rifles. Ill equipped for the job and against more elite forces. Heavy Casualties are expected. 

The Plan

I have never faced this player before but he has an Eldar Force from that Craftworld that was lost in the warp for a long time before emerging with survivors. I have seen him play before and im expecting a couple of wave serpents, an army of Wraith Guard with some warpspiders or a horde of guardians backed by reapers. Maybe a mix of the above. 

I know he will have vehicles so I will have to use close combat Krak Grenades or Plasma Glancing to kill them. Our psykers will battle it out in the new phase and my infantry will rely on discipline and orders to try hold the enemy. The veterans have Camo and Carapace so hopefully they can pull their weight. They will have one Primaris Psyker with them. 

The Platoon will be, in a rare move on my part, combined into a unit of 20 with the Commissar and one Psyker. 

So lets hope I can face of this army and complete my goal of keeping the Astropath alive. 

Expect a battle report Thursday night with lots of pictures and hopefully 7th Edition is as good as i think it will be. 


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