Thursday, 29 May 2014

Bonzai! Japanese Forces Almost Complete

I have a friend at the club painting up my Early War Japanese for Flames of War. Its getting close to completion but I thought id put up a preview of what's been done so far. Im pretty excited and its nice to have another army finished. I am proud to say that one way or another I have far more painted models than I do unpainted! Which is a first for me. 

Anyways I absolutely love learning about the Japanese theatres during the Empires rise and fall, so as soon as Battlefront released the Rising sun book with lists fore the Manchurian conflicts (kind of) I jumped on and started playing. Since then I have had men kill themselves to disable tanks, I have had men under the cover of night fight to the death under the flag of their nation, I have seen brave tank teams take on superior enemy vehicles and manage to pull their weight and the list goes on. 

If you have read my Japanese Tactics post (or know about the Japanese forces of the time) you will be aware about how this force thought and fought. The mentality and discipline was something very foreign to most nations and its tactics and gear take a bit of getting used too. But alas my army has not yet tasted defeat, yet. 

Anyways here are some Japanese "Tanks" and infantry with some other bits and bobs. 

These "tanks" are very very small. A Stug in the same scale is almost as big as 4 of these little guys. However these guys have won me many games. Their speed, skill and size means they catch enemies off guard and are always under estimated. The artillery battalion guns are pretty nasty too being mobile and accurate. 

I still look forward to getting the Cavalry for this force. I love mounted soldiers so once the last of my force has been done I will work on them. 

So thanks to Nick (who painted these). Very cool. 


  1. The infantry is awesome, congrats! :) Any new games with these guys, lately? André

    1. Not lately unfortunately, the guy I play has actually moved away so I have some polish forces coming who I will pretend are Chinese for them to face. But a lack of opponents lately has kept them on the shelf :(