Friday, 9 May 2014

Big Open Day and Much More!

Unfortunately the campaign has crumbled. The Eldar player left and it would be a bit too much to rework it again. So next at the very least we have found issues that can be fixed for the next campaign. Campaigns take a lot of commitment and effort and unfortunately not every one is up for that. 

But oh well. Our club had an open day today and usually we have a huge turn out. Not too much this year but we still had high traffic and many games being played. We had an ork naval battle, 2 infinity matches, one Samurai game, a HUGE D-day landing game, a monster mash up and the most intense Fantasy game U have ever had. Combined with a painting competition and 2 shops who set up a stall it was a great day. The painting competition showed some huge talent this year and unfortunately I didnt get many photos of it. 

Any where here is a heap of photos:

Many battles where fought today. But the most intense one was the eternal struggle between Rex and I. I had 1200 Points of Lizards and my ally had 1200 Points of Vampires. Rex from the dice odyssey was using his new Wood Elf book and boy it was close. By turn 2 the vampires where crumbling and they managed to kill 1 model. 1200 points of undead killed 1 model. It was up to me and my 1200 points of Lizards. I managed to table him very closely by turn 6. I had barely managed to out do the Elves. Heavy losses on all sides and by the end of the game it was a very empty board. The game had everything. Magic duels, monsters clashing, desperate hand to hand fighting and hit and run style ranged warfare. 

It is officially official that Fantasy has over taken 40K in terms of the better game. 

The person who set up the Samurai game never disappoints in his open days. Last time he had set up a magnificent pirate board where pirates attempt to take a coastal village from red coats. I eagerly await his display next year and hope I can get some pictures. 

What amazes me about today is that even though, I live in a small rural ish area there are still hundreds of gamers of all kinds around. Within an hours drive we have players of all ages and game types and at least 2 times a year we all get together at once to show the community what its all about. So if you are lacking in players, chances are there are many around. Hidden in plane sight. 

So thats all today, I am currently painting a very stereotypical Pirate for my first Dungeons and Dragons roleplay so hopefully he turns out well. 

Cheers guys
Happy gaming



  1. You know, this makes me wish that I lived out there in new Zealand, but then I remember that I have a lot of attachments here, family, friends, that and the simple logistics of moving to and becoming a citizen, and trying to find a job, all of this is against me going there... may visit the though, just so I can say I went

    1. Haha yea im having the same problem. Im torn between moving to Australia, however its pretty good here too.

      I will admit we have a large wargaming community considering how small we are. But yes its a great place to visit, just remember to bring your wargaming gear :P