Saturday, 24 May 2014

Warhammer 40K 7th Edition - First look

The ever changing game
So in the early hows of this morning, I was rudely awoken by the postman at 5AM. I was about to answer the door in a grumpy manner then it hit me. the company I had pre ordered the book from not only gave me a discount, but also made sure I had the book on the release day! So thank you Mighty Ape. So this was it, the first time I have ever got a new release on the release day. 

Upon opening the package I couldnt help but admire how lovely the books looked. Its nice and clean with a very modern look to it. Something Id expect to see in a book store. The covers arent covered in Space Marines which is another bonus. Since I had to go to work I decided that I will look in the Galaxy of War first up.

Galaxy of War

So Galaxy of War is the hobby section of the book. The issue is thats it is literally a big Warhammer Visions book. So no painting tips, no conversions or anything like that. More of an advertisement. In saying that though the pictures are pretty decent. Very professional and really captures how great the models can look when in certain environments. But all in all, not something that many people will open more than once or twice. Once you have read the small descriptions in the first half there isnt much more to it. 

Not much to say here. Impressive but lacks any real value or long term interest. 

Dark Millennium

This is the fluff section. I don't have time to read through it but im sure this is a section many will be interested in. The book itself, looks great, its well set out and at a glance its pretty much your stock standard fluff. 

It contains a campaign report of The Pandorax Incursion, where Chaos invades an Imperial Death World. Has the usual look at the Imperial and the usual look at the Xenos. Someone who is more interested in the background of the hobby may find more changes here than I will probably ever know. 

The guard, in essence though, have not changed. In the Fluff it makes mention of the fact that worlds are different etc, but it doesnt really look into the different regiments or anything like that. So pretty disappointing on that front.  

All in all, not much to say. Just meh. 

The Rules

This is the big bit. So ill try type in a sensible and readable way for you all. 

Line of site has been fixed. Sounds stupid but it used to be measure from the models eyes. Now its from any part of the body. It will in no way change the game, but it has been a source of internet fire fights. So the no eyes no shoot argument, as dumb as it is, will never be made again. 

Coherency is now 6" when measuring vertically. Minor change. 

Psychic Phase. This is a big change. It now has its own phase after movement. So the first step when using Psykers is to generate Powers. This happens as usual BUT if you choose all of your powers from the same Discipline you now get the Primaris as a free ADDITIONAL power. 

When the time comes to use these powers you roll 1D6 and add the combined total of all your psykers mastery level including Psychic Brotherhood UNITS (1 per unit) and so on. Once you have that total that is the amount of warp charges you have. 

Then when manifesting powers, you select one to use (no UNIT may use a power twice) and then select the target. Choose the power then roll as many D6 as needed (the minimum dice being the minimum warp charge needed to cast) but with no maximum (without using more dice than in your warp pool) and see how many 4+ results you got. If you needed 3 (for a warp charge 3 power) and you got a 4,5 and 6 then the power is cast. If 2 or more of these rolls where a 6 then you suffer a perils of the warp. 

The opposing player can attempt to nullify the power by choosing an amount of D6 from the Warp pool he generated and rolling them. He needs to get as many 6's as the casting player got 4+ results. If the unit that was targeted have any of the following add a +1 to each result, a higher mastery level than the caster, the psychic brotherhood, or psyker rule, or psychic pilot or sorcerers rules or the adamantium will special rule. So a max of +3 to the results. 

You then resolve the power. Regardless if you get perils or not. If you get perils you then roll on the chart in the book, which usually just causes a wound. It is very good to have high leadership psychics here. 

So its an OK mechanic, but I foresee many psykers not living through the game, and even fewer powers dispelled than hoped. But lets see. 

Shooting Sequence. Minor change but now all weapons fire in sequences rather than at once. So you choose one weapon type, fire them all, then choose another weapon type and continue on. So you may want to fire your flamers first, then once you have taken away casualties you then move on to the next gun. Adds some time to the game, but also adds a bit of thought into when you use certain guns. 

Going to Ground. going to ground now cant fire over watch. So pinning weapons got a bit more useful. 

Sniper Rifles. They no longer have rending, but instead count as S4 AP2 when rolling a 6 to hit and have precision shots. 

Precision shots. Are always on a 6+ and characters no longer have it by default. 

Charging through terrain.Now subtracts 2 from the charge distance. This is for difficult terrain. 

Ground Tests. Are now per hit. Instead of wound. 

Gargantuan Creatures now added. Not units. 

Vehicles now blow up on a 7 instead of 6. Giving a bit of survivability. They also always count as WS1 which is good. Passengers now take a leadership test to be affected by crew stunned etc. 

Jink has been changed for the better. Now you must choose between a 4+ jink save or not. If you choose to use it you fire snap shots next shooting phase. 

Super heavy Vehicle rules added, not units. Along with the rules for all other super heavy types. 

Challenges now are better. Excess wounds caused after you defeat the character are now done against the squad. 

Buildings have been done up with more clear rules and a building damage table. 

Unbound has been added. Now I hate swearing and any other bad language, but this is shit. Luckily GW has done something very nice for us and made it clear that unbound (and any other way of playing) is optional and needs to be arranged before the game. So its not all bad for pick up gamers. There is room for fluffy lists, there is also room for "those" lists too. 

Detachments now have no limits on the amounts as long as each detachment has its compulsory FoC choices. 

Allied Chart: have changed for the better. To keep things simple only Imperium forces have battle brothers with each other. The rest are at best allies of convenience. 

Missions There are more missions at least, with a cool tactical objective table. This means that your objective rewards can be changed during the battle through swapping out cards for and so on. Definitely adds something cool to the game. 

D weapons now do D3 wounds on a roll of 2-5 and on a roll of 6 kill with no saves of any kind. This helps keep them a bit toned down. 

Grenades are much cooler with an array of grenades to choose from. Defensive grenades have the added bonus of causing blind when thrown with S1 for example. 

Terrain Data Sheets are to be expected soon for things like the aegis defense line and so on. Not in the rule book. Some are but there are very very few. 

The Imperial Guard 

For the Guard our wyrdvane Psykers are more useful. They can now tank a lot of perils and not suffer at all, and have a bonus to nullifying powers. Combined with Telepathy Astropaths and Primaris psykers there is a lot of room for power generation. The telepathy psykers can get the Primaris (which is a great power) and another one. Same goes for all the other psykers. Will possibly be great. 

Tanks are that tiny bit more survivable meaning anything Ap3 or worse can only glance us to death. 

With Bound Armies our troops can be very vital, combined with buffing powers and our big guns we may just kick but without allies. 

I cant see any other immediate benefit to our forces yet. 


So thats a few I noticed after a quick read. There are more changes of course but for the most part only Psychic Phase will really change how we play. The rest is pretty minor. I love this edition but I dont like whats happening to the poor Force organisation chart. Other than that its pretty cool. 

Things have been cleared up, the book is in a handy 3 part set and its well set out and in a pretty ok order compared to the usual slight mess we normally get haha. Still some things it lacks, but hey, what release doesnt lack something. 

I am looking forward to it and am impressed by the book. If you can get it at a discount or borrow a friends I highly recommend it. 

I will state that if they try sell me another edition of 40K in 2 years I will not be buying it. This release I gave them the benefit of the doubt and am happy so far. But They will not fool me twice haha. So time will tell if this is my last edition. Thankfully its a good edition regardless. 

Anyone else got the book and notice anything cool/bad/interesting/anything else? If so let me know. 

Looking forward to game one. 


  1. Nice summery. Cheers!
    (mine must still be in the post).

    1. No problem dude, you may well find that most changes you are already aware of by now so you arent missing much but clarification.

  2. Mate quick question on the detachments you said there are no limit, but do you still need 1 primary for each allied in your army? So if you wanted to say, take three different allies, would you need three primary detachments to remain bound?

    1. It may just be me, but I cant see anywhere that says a limit on allies. Allies though, count as a detachment, the only restriction being all units from that detachment are from the same codex. So as long as you have your primary detachment I dont think it matters. Ill look more into it though, im sure there is a little sentence somewhere I missed.