Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Inquisition - The Lady Painted

Alright, here is my first attempt at painting a non 40k lady. I haven't done one of the eyes as the light was too dim to do it well, but other than that she is finished. Let me know what you think. 

The stockings were hard to do, so I bit the bullet and just did what you see. In person the patchy bits on the stocking are not nearly as visible fortunately. I was very worried that the dress would not match the hair and frilly neck covering, but my partner said it looks pretty well colour coordinated so ill take her word for it. Currently unsure if my inquisition will be based on sand or not though. 

Hopefully you like her.

Next on my table is the new commissar who is getting a navy like colour scheme. Hopefully he is done soon. 

Cheers guys.


  1. Nicely done thats a good looking paint job

    1. Thanks. there are bits I can see in the photo that are hard to see in real life (oddly enough) so tonight I gotta quickly tough up those areas such as the hair with skin colour on it and the bracelet.

      Other than that im pretty happy, oh and the other eye. Cheers dude

  2. So you painted up Amberley Vail? Works for me, I like it a lot and think it'll look wonderful leading an Inquisitorial warband (out of a Land Raider.)

    1. I went into the only (at the time) wargames store that wasnt GW and it was closing. I found a bunch of models going for cheap and they turned out to be reaper models. This was one of them. One of the earlier non GW models I ever got.

      She isnt the leader (he is in the works). But she looked pretty simple to paint and so I started with her. I have a thread way back with my inquisition models and so on.

      Its my slow first allies project.

      I was very hesitant about the colours, but I rolled with it. The more I look at it the more I like it. Im surprised how effective the tights thingys came out on her.

      Cheers dude