Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Painted Taurox and Campaign Prelude Part 3

Its still a work in progress, but here is a close to completion Taurox Prime who will take part in the 3rd campaign battle tomorrow. Just some detailing work, cleaning and highlighting to go. Embarrassingly I forgot to remove the mold lines (don't ask how) so that needs to be done too. But this will do for the next battle. Here she is:

As you can see its a bit rough in areas. The white needs a complete coat (already done so many) and the edges need tiding but all in all thats roughly the look I am after. 

The Campaign

The 3rd battle begins tomorrow. This is the attackers last chance to breach the city or we will be on the defensive. Things look grim but im thinking we can turn things around. The battle is 1000 points a side and each team needs one HQ. I have the HQ for my team and its unknown what the enemy will have. Due to some mysterious spores being released over the atmosphere every model has a 6+ feel no pain save. The teams will have some decisions to make after the battle which will effect the campaign later on too.  

So my list tomorrow will be:

Company command squad with a telepathy Astropath (invisibility), and a master of fleet. The commander has the draconian warlord trait, coupled with a vox caster and regimental standard, then pumped up with plasma weapons. 

2 Platoon squads with one plasma each and a vox. 

1 Wyvern Artillery Piece 

1 Taurox Prime. 

My team mates list will contain an all deep striking force of Space Wolves. (details later)

The plan is for me to hold the line (again) and hammer the enemy in a 48"bubble of fire power. His wolves will drop in on turn 1 and (hopefully) 2 in an attempt to hit the rears, and flanks of the enemy vehicles and hopefully hurt them big time. I am the anvil, he is the hammer. 

My reliance on orders, medium firepower and the huge moral bonuses (and defensive) from my commander to bring survive while hurting the enemy. 

If you have been keeping track of the campaign you will notice my once chaos friend has seen the light and come back to the Holy Emperor. They have taken up Wolfisim and is showing repentance :P I have also upgraded my force to 6th edition (and painstakingly names all my men for a realistic battle report) so hopefully we see a change in luck tomorrow. 

Wish me luck, and criticize my Taurox. 



  1. Just to be clear, the Taurox is a work in progress.

  2. I refuse to criticize your Taubox, it actually looks good. As for tomorrows game lets just hope the dice are with us

    1. Thanks man, hopefully it serves us well tomorrow. I have high hopes they are.

  3. I must say, seeing a taurox painted by someone besides the GW guys really helped me see just how sexy that thing could be... Though I still dislike the four treds thing, it seems silly... Like Camelot. Good luck against the Alien Scum Howell, and may the for... I mean emperor, be with you... always

    1. haha cheers dude, hopefully he looks better among the inquisition when they are all done up.

      Thanks for the luck man, I need as much as I can get.

  4. Yeah, good luck with the battle.

    As for the taurox, I'm not so sure on the colours, would prob have gone the other way round, and kept the base colour red like your guard. Still, its a minor issue as it looks good as it is anyway, and the model is growing on me but I'm prob gonna stick with Chimera's and deep striking my stormies.

    1. Yea my colour choices are usually pretty bright and most people prefer dark colours so it looks weird sometimes. The Taurox was meant to stand out among my men as its for the inquisition allies I have. So hopefully when you see next to my inquisition you will like it more.

      As for how it performs, well tonight the vehicle is just a basic Prime with cannon, stubber and Auto Cannon. Nothing Fancy so i'll see how it performs. Points wise the chimera is nicer. Deep striking is the better method though.

      Thanks for the luck.

    2. Ah right, the colours make more sense now. Bright colours arn't really a problem for me, it just didn't seem to fit with the rest of your guard, but if its for the inquisition I suppose it doesn't really need to fit with the guard.

    3. Give me time and when you see my painted Inquisition hopefully it looks better. I dont like painting but it has to be done, so ill tray hard to get them complete over the next few weeks.

    4. Lol, personally I like painting just never get the chance! And I look forward to seeing your inquisition, if your other models are anything to go by they will look good.

    5. Just got back, yea i hope so too. I wish i could like painting, I have the time but not the willpower haha.

      Thanks man