Monday, 14 April 2014

Fire Storm Armada - The War in Spaaaaace!

My friend and I have been talking about getting into Battle Fleet Gothic for a while now. But the model availability has always put us off. To my surprise he came to me the other day and told me about Fire Storm Armada. 

So I went on their site and hunted for the faction I liked the most, as usual I chose the humans (Terran Empire) and he was gonna get the rule-book. Instead we ended up getting the starter set which contains both the factions we like. 

We will both put a review/battle report of our first game for sure, but I wanted to share the news of this game and a few ideas for tying it into 40k. 

Fire Storm Armada is a space fleet game. Imagine battleships, frigates and aircraft carriers to name a few doing broadsides in space. Fighter craft zooming around larger ships and marines assaulting vessels in a desperate attempt to destroy ships internally. The scale is huge and each race has certain flaws and specialties to bring to the table. 

So the first step is to look here. Now their site can be a pain to look through, but if the starter set isnt what you are after faction wise, there is this deal available here. So the pricing isnt too much at all, especially when you factor in the option of free rules if you choose so. Best way to do it, is to get a friend and split the cost. Make use of the free shipping amount and get enough to get you started. 

For those who have been reading, I am currently doing a campaign for 40k. I was thinking of how cool it would be to do a similar set up, but use these fleets as well. So the teams are fighting the war in space and on the ground. Of course this is a step up in complexity but its definitely something I have been thinking about. 

So check them out, its definitely worth branching out into other games if they dont cost and arm or a leg, or both. With free rules and starter options, there is little to lose with Fire Storm Armada. The company does other games on the site too, apparently soon they are bringing out a planetary battle (much like epic) that ties into the Space Fleet game lore wise. 


  1. The WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH In space you say? Interesting idea, so interesting... it might just work

    1. Haha, a little conversion work and I too agree, it might just work. Ill come back and let you know which race I think is most orkish in a few weeks.