Thursday, 10 April 2014

Conscripts for the Astra Militarum

The new Imperial Guard codex unfortunately has removed my Penal Legion as an option. At first I was kind of annoyed. However I remember thinking how odd it was that the prisoners where fielded in units of 10 men. So the plan now is to create masses of conscripts. How will I go about this?

Wargames Factory Zombie Apocalypse range is my answer. For on average 20 USD each box comes with 30 survivors. A box of men and women is all I will need. The box contains a ton of weapons options that (with a little work) can create endless opportunities. 

Why choose these as conscripts though? Well for my army is full of highly disciplined troops who look very professional. I would love my conscripts to stand out easily and look amateur. These are perfect for that purpose. And they are cheap. For less than the price of 5 Scions I can get 60 well sculpted models with a huge array of gear and options. Seems like a no brainer to me. 

So here are some pictures (of mostly male sorry, but the female one is very similar).

Wargames factory is one of the most under rated model producers in my opinion. Their cannon for example is the best cannon I have ever seen. Along with the cheapest. Bang for buck, this company beats all. The best part is that they are only getting better!

They do a very cool zombie selection. One male and 1 female. I will get some of these and Rex Foote from The Dice Odyssey (time pending) will have a helping hand in getting the horde done. 

For the army of (my version of) Praetoria, conscripts are only used in desperate situations. As a result the conscripts are made up of the old, the sick, the unfit, the women, the children and anyone that can walk but otherwise would not make it into the army. This is in huge contrast to other planets whose conscripts are in effect, still guardsmen. 

If any of my opponents are uncomfortable with children being in the unit I can simply remove them (after all I have 60 all together) but I think it really adds emphasis on the desperation of the moment at hand for these average citizens to be strung up in a war for survival. The fact that many will be armed with blunt weapons and so on will also add to the desperation and grim mood of the unit. 

Hopefully in the next few weeks and put up some reviews of the zombies and survivors. I will also use quick shade for the first time and see how that goes. 

Anyways here are some links:

So let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. Obviously I cant paint like the guy who painted the pictures above, but im sure they will come flying off the table too fast for anyone to notice. Such is the horrors of war. 


  1. I find it funny that anyone would be uncomfortable with plastic miniatures of children in the unit. Otherwise those are some good models

    1. When Fallout 1 and 2 came out it was originally able to have children in combat. Too many people found the idea of kids being killed uncomfortable so it has been locked in all countries. You wont find many films where you see children get killed either (short of the Nanking massacre movies) because people dont like it. So just in case, if someone doesnt like the idea its an easy fix.

      But yea definitely cool. My model addiction is seeping back.

  2. Got to agree about Wargames Factory, they make some Beautiful models, sadly for a while their painters kinda let them down, so most people just don't see the possibilities. I saw it, that is why I am building what a friend of mine refers to as Death Korps with a Teriyaki Twist...

    1. Haha reminds me of a restaurant I went to where the chefs threw food at us. :P

      Yea the early product pictures didnt help too much, but they have improved. Thats the main thing is that they are improving.

  3. Love your idea for conscripts!

    1. Thanks dude :)

      I hope they turn out as well as they seem in my head haha.